Samsung UN46D6000SH Review

In this Samsung UN46D6000SH review, we’ll talk about the color accuracy, motion handling, and Smart Hub. These are all features we want from a good LCD TV. But first, let’s take a look at what makes it special. We’ll also talk about its Smart Hub and the features it has that make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost LCD TV, this is probably a good option.

Samsung UNEH6000

The Samsung UNEH6000SH is one of the few high-end flat panel TVs that don’t offer 3D or Smart TV. While it’s not a 240Hz panel, it does offer 120Hz refresh rate. And it has dejudder processing to reduce image blur. This model also doesn’t come with an Ethernet port, which is unfortunate, as it will allow you to watch media files through its USB port.

Color accuracy

The UN46D6000SH’s color accuracy was determined with the Mini Color Checker, a calibration tool manufactured by GretagMacbeth. This tool measures color values and produces mean differences. The sample size was ten shade tabs and eight color patches measured in a random order. The average difference in color values was 0.78 (0.43). These results are the same for both color spaces, but the difference between the measured and manufacturer’s data was slightly higher in the PRM2-11 model.

The Luminosity sensor’s sensitivity was measured at 595 nits and was rated as adequate. Its color fidelity was rated as acceptable by 50% of human observers. The color fidelity of a UN46D6000SH was not affected by a variety of environmental conditions. The color accuracy of UN46D6000SH was also good, but the accuracy of the LEDs and the tungsten light source may have a significant impact on its use.

The dE (difference in exposure) indicates the color sensitivity of the display. dE measures how close the reproduced color is to the target color. This number is not always indicative of actual color sensitivity. Some people may notice color inaccuracies more than others. If the dE of a given TV is higher than the dE of another, the resulting color will be less accurate than the corresponding picture taken with the same lighting.

Motion handling

The UN46D6000SH is a high-performance linear stepper. This high-speed stepper features a servo motor for motion control and provides smooth, responsive control over all operating parameters. The UN46D6000SH also comes in two different computer models: Un22c4000pd and UN32D4000ng. It is capable of operating at four thousand nanometers. Its other model, the UN32D4000N, offers the same functionality but is a bit less expensive.

Smart Hub

Samsung’s Smart Hub has numerous features that you can enjoy while watching television. With this advanced technology, you can search the web, explore Samsung Apps, chat with friends, and even find interactive TV content. You can download apps from Samsung’s growing selection of premium apps including games, lifestyle, and education. It also lets you stream content from the Internet. This technology is not only great for watching television, but can be used in your personal and professional life, too.

To install Smart Hub, you will need to connect to the Internet. Then, connect the TV to your network to install the software. Samsung Apps TV and your service provider accounts must be linked to your TV. You can choose the apps that you want to install through Samsung Apps TV. You can also set up your television to show the latest episodes of popular TV shows, movies, and games. Once you’ve installed the Smart Hub, you can use the remote to control the TV.

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