Samsung’s 40-Inch UN40F6400AF Review

This Samsung 40-inch LED HDTV features 120-Hz processing, a semi-matte finish, and a microphone for voice search. We will look at some of its features and determine if it meets our needs. Read on to learn more. Samsung’s 40-inch UN40F6400AF review.

Samsung’s 40 inch LED HDTV

Samsung’s 40 inch LED HDTV UN55F6400AF isn’t the most elegant looking model. Its cabinet is thin and glossy black, and its bezels are made of clear plastic. The bottom bezel sports a small Samsung logo. It also lacks buttons on the front of the television, but there’s a joystick button on the lower right corner of the cabinet panel. The screen has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and has a semi-gloss coating that reflects light.

One major issue with this television is that its side angle viewing angle is slightly off-center. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can affect the picture quality and cause washout, especially when viewed from above or below. The same problem can be found on other Samsung LED TV models with a clear coat screen. Users should take this into consideration when placing their TV.

It has many advanced features, including Micro Dimming, advanced picture contrast, and an Eco Sensor, which detects light levels in a room and adjusts the brightness of the TV image accordingly. This television also has Full HD 1080p resolution for lifelike images. It also has Wide Color Enhancer Plus to enhance color range. This is especially useful if you’re watching older films or non-high definition content.

This television also features a built-in microphone and Smart Hub for entertainment. The Smart Hub enables you to manage multiple content from different sources and groups it into five easy-to-use panels. Moreover, the Smart Hub allows you to search for specific movies or TV shows that you’re looking for.

It has a 120Hz processor

The UN40F6400AF has a top-quality 120Hz processor that enables smooth motion. This refresh rate helps reduce motion blur and improves image clarity, especially for games and sports programming. It also supports 10pt white balance for better color balance. You can also adjust the Brightness, Contrast, and Color Tone to fit your personal preferences.

It has a semi-matte finish

The UN40F6400AF has a matte finish rather than a glossy one. Its semi-matte finish allows in more light from the room, and results in toned down images. This can affect the natural depth of a 2D image, which can be problematic. However, this is balanced by its bright edge LED lighting, which provides rich colors and good contrast. It also features a 10pt white balance, which helps to maintain color balance and make sure colors are not oversaturated.

It has a microphone for voice search

The microphone on the UN40F6400AF allows you to perform voice searches. Once activated, the voice search function will be active for a few seconds before being deactivated. However, some commands may not work properly due to problems with the Google(tm) database. It is possible to add more commands with a software update. The voice search function currently supports English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean languages. Other languages may be added through software updates. Downloads are available from the model’s support page.

It has a Smart TV system

The Samsung UN40F6400AF has a smart TV system that makes life easier for you. With Smart TV systems, you can manage your content and find apps using the TV’s integrated search. Users can also register their Facebook or Samsung accounts to search for applications and content.

As the most affordable set in the F6400 series, the UN40F6400AF offers an advanced set of features and is a great choice for small to mid-sized rooms. It also has active 3D and a 120Hz refresh rate. It isn’t as feature-rich as the UN55F6400AF, but it is still a great choice for value-conscious buyers who have 3D requirements.

This TV features Smart Touch Control, which functions like a universal remote control. It can control the settop box and DVR, turn on the 3D image, and display information on the screen. It also comes with special functions, which are activated by holding down the touchpad. These include the ability to quit a process or choose a focused item. Furthermore, the Smart Touch Control accommodates right-handed users and allows for one-handed operation.

This TV features Google Play app store, which means that you can browse apps on the TV without a remote. Smart TVs are a great choice if you want to have a TV that has access to the internet, but they can also be vulnerable if they’re breached. The downside is that these TVs need a good internet connection to work properly.

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