Samsung’s New Range 2023

Whether you are looking to replace your current TV or simply are looking for a new one, you have probably heard about the new range of Samsung televisions that are set to hit the market in the next couple of years. These televisions will have some amazing features, and they are set to have a great price. You will also be able to find televisions that are equipped with a Tizen operating system, which means they will be able to run apps that are compatible with other smart devices. This is a great feature, especially if you are looking to purchase a new television that can be used as a second TV.


Several years ago, LG was one of the first companies to offer OLED televisions. LG has continued to provide the most capable and advanced gaming ready televisions on the market. These models are available in a variety of screen sizes and prices.

LG’s latest TVs feature a sleek cosmetic design and a powerful new processor. LG’s a9 Gen 5 AI Processor is an improvement over the company’s previous models. It provides dynamic tone mapping, upscales stereo content into 7.1.2-channel sound, and optimises HDR performance.

LG also boasts an updated OLED panel that is brighter than its predecessors. This works in conjunction with LG’s brightness booster technology to provide bright highlights and deep blacks.

LG’s smart TV features a new webOS 22 platform that allows users to access content from a wide variety of sources, including Netflix, YouTube, and Google. The new platform also supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. You can also use your voice to control your TV.

LG’s Smart TV system also includes a Google Assistant and an Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The Google Assistant will read text and voice commands. You can also adjust the temperature of your room and set your favorite streaming services. You can also access your favorite apps on the LG app store.

LG’s OLED televisions are crafted to be wall mounted. They offer a minimal-gap wall bracket, as well as well-thought-out cable management behind the screen. However, they do generate distracting reflections in brightly lit rooms. You should place the LG G2 in a room with controlled lighting.

LG’s new G2 OLED offers a slight increase in peak brightness. However, this increase is offset by a reduction in fine-shadow detail. Its blacks are slightly better in natural light, and the colors are brighter.

LG’s G2 series is built for gamers. It uses the Advanced Game Optimizer/Dashboard to adjust picture settings on the fly, enabling you to optimize your reaction times and improve overall image quality. In addition, LG’s Brightness Booster Max is also incorporated into the G2 series. This feature works to increase self-emitting light output, which can improve the colors on the screen.

Hisense U8H

Despite being a mini-LED TV, the Hisense U8H still produces bright and vibrant pictures. This is because it has a great backlighting control, which improves the contrast and brightness. It is also designed to keep the bezels at a minimum. The screen is about three inches deep, and it uses standard VESA 400 x 400mm brackets.

The Hisense U8H uses a Mini-LED backlighting technology that was previously implemented in LCD TVs. This new technology makes a significant difference in the picture. It will not match a modern OLED, but it does offer a great HDR experience.

This model also features a NEO quantum processor that analyzes images for better motion handling. It also includes a wide-angle filter for better contrast. It uses 14-bit processing for a great range of colors. It’s also capable of producing over a billion shades of color.

The Hisense U8H has a 120Hz refresh rate. It also has a FreeSync Premium Pro option, which allows the TV to automatically switch to the best gaming mode. It also comes with a built-in Google Assistant.

The Hisense U8H is a great option for gamers. It features four HDMI ports on the back. Two of them are capable of 4K@120Hz. The other two are limited to 4K@60Hz. In addition, the U8H includes a 20W subwoofer. It also supports Dolby Atmos immersive audio. It also comes with an eARC port, which allows Dolby Atmos signals to be passed to a soundbar.

Despite the shortcomings of the U8H, it is still a great budget 75-inch TV. It is an Android TV, which means it supports the Chromecast smart TV platform.

The Hisense U8H also has an Auto Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate. It is also designed for Dolby Vision HDR and HLG HDR. It also comes with an eARC HDMI port, which allows the Dolby Atmos signal to be passed to a soundbar.

It’s a very functional remote, but it isn’t as stylish as the new Samsung remotes. It also doesn’t have a remote finder feature. It does, however, feel good in the hand.


Designed to bring out the best of its flagship 4K TV, the 75QN900B delivers incredible picture quality and colour. With an ultra-bright LCD screen, this 75-inch model offers a new level of dynamism. It’s also got a wide range of colour capabilities and brightness levels. The screen uses a sophisticated local dimming system and Quantum Dots to create vivid colours.

The 75QN900B’s frame includes an impressive array of speakers. Object Tracking Sound technology tracks the location of moving objects and steers the sound to where it needs to go. This system also adds up-firing speakers. It’s all part of Samsung’s ‘lifestyle’ TVs, which offer stylish designs and customisable bezels.

The 75QN900B also includes Samsung’s Game Bar feature, which lets you access key gaming features quickly. There’s also an Object Depth Enhancer software, which will help you better understand how objects look at different distances. Combined with Dolby Atmos playback, which injects real life into your audio experience, the 75QN900B offers a truly immersive experience.

The 75QN900B also offers a Filmmaker Mode, designed to deliver image values used in mastering studios. It also features a 6.2.2-channel Object Tracking Sound system. This enables the 75QN900B to accurately track the location of moving objects. In addition, it has a bank of rear speakers. It also has a 144Hz motion performance mode, which helps to reduce input lag.

The 75QN900B is an excellent option for a bright room. However, its motion processing isn’t great. It’s also missing the ability to play Dolby Vision. It also uses a default motion processing mode that can cause unwanted side effects.

In addition, the 75QN900B uses an external ‘One Connect’ box, which houses the television’s connections. The One Connect box also houses most of the TV’s processing power. It connects to the TV using a single long cable. It also houses power and AV data. It can also be used to slot onto the TV’s desktop stand.

The 75QN900B’s screen has a flat design, but is still capable of showing a wide range of angles. Its viewing angles are claimed to be better than other regular LED/LCD TVs. This can be a real benefit for gamers. It’s also got a wide colour gamut and response time, making it a great TV for mixed usage.

Tizen platform

Earlier this year, Samsung announced the launch of the Tizen TV Platform Licensing Program. The program will allow other manufacturers to use Samsung’s smart TV software on their own TVs. This will add more competition in the TV OS market. Samsung has already been a Tizen partner for two years, and it plans to expand the Tizen ecosystem.

In addition to the Tizen TV Platform Licensing program, Samsung announced that its TV smart interfaces have been updated to better search for content. In addition, it has added voice capabilities to make menu navigation easier. The company has also introduced a new game bar that allows users to zoom in and out of maps.

Samsung’s new Smart Hub will collate content based on users’ preferences. The company has also introduced new AV enhancement technologies. These include the Shape Adaptive Light Control feature, which will improve brightness accuracy. In addition, Samsung will introduce the Object Depth Enhancer software. This will add up-firing speakers and improve depth perception.

The new Neo Quantum processor will enhance the visual and audio enhancement technologies. It also provides better dark-room performance. A new gaming hub will allow users to launch console-based games or cloud-based games. Lastly, Samsung’s new NFT (Networked Film and Television) platform will give users access to a store of more than 1600 pieces of digital artwork.

Samsung’s ‘lifestyle’ TVs feature stylish designs and customisable bezels. These models are perfect for displaying personal photos and artwork. This year, Samsung will also launch an NFT platform, allowing users to discover and purchase digital artwork.

In addition, Samsung’s QD-OLED TV will feature a 144Hz refresh rate, an OLED brightness booster, immersive Object Tracking Sound technology and perceptional colour mapping. The company plans to release the first TV with this technology in 2022.

The ‘lifestyle’ TVs will also feature Samsung’s new Matte Display, which provides anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protection. The company’s new Smart Hub will also feature a Gaming Hub, which will allow users to launch cloud-based games or console-based games.

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