Should You Buy a UN40C6400RF Or a UN55F6400AF?

If you’re looking for a new television, you’re probably wondering if you should buy a UN40C6400RF or a UN55F6400AF. The two models are incredibly similar, but with slightly different features. In this article, we’ll explain what to look for when comparing the two sets. Whether the UN40C6400RF is better for your needs depends on how you use it.

Samsung UN40C6400RF

Our Samsung UN40C6400RF review includes a number of features. The Samsung TV’s Tizen smart platform has been continuously upgraded, and the latest update introduced voice capabilities for easier menu navigation. In 2018, Samsung also added Bixby, its virtual assistant, which can be used to control other Samsung products, such as the smart TV. This smart television has also received a few other improvements over the years, including a new sleek look, the ability to change settings, and the ability to use ‘Dark Mode’ for a darker look. The smart TV also has access to calibration settings, making it a great choice for users who want to get the most out of their television experience.

Samsung UN55F6400AF

When I was looking at the Samsung UN55F6400AF review, I was impressed by how good the color combination was. While this isn’t the only Samsung TV that does a good job with color, it does stand out in my opinion. For example, in “The Tree of Life,” chapter five, I see my mother lying in the backyard, and I was struck by how natural the color was. The woman’s skin is lifelike, and her hair is naturally red. However, her dress is a bit bluer than what I’ve seen in other TVs.

This Samsung UN55F6400AF review has an excellent mix of features. It’s a solid TV, with accurate color in bright scenes and solid video processing. It also comes with three pair of active 3D glasses, and offers above-average sound. Its drawbacks include a flimsy stand, a few flaws in the overall picture, and light black levels.

Overall, the UN55F6400AF was an excellent choice for most people. Its great black levels helped to make it a popular choice for Blu-ray watching. In contrast, the black letter box bars of Days of Thunder Blu-ray looked deep and inky. Moreover, the contrast was excellent, with dark and light areas nicely separated and without bleed into each other.

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