Sony TV 2023 Review

When you are in the market for a new television, you need to choose a brand that will give you the best picture quality. The best models are those that use OLED technology, as they provide excellent color volume, contrast, and detailing. You should also consider the sound quality, and choose one with sound technologies such as Acoustic Multi Audio or Acoustic Surface Audio.

XR 4K upscaling

The Sony TV 2023 XR features a high-performance XR processor and a host of picture enhancements. Its XR TRILUMINOS PRO offers billions of accurate colors, while its XR OLED CONTRAST delivers pure blacks and lifelike brightness. It also includes GOOGLE TV, which provides access to over 700,000 movies and TV episodes. It also offers features such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, which are exclusive to this model.

The XR processor in this television is also capable of handling local dimming. This feature enables the TV to display 4K content in 120Hz. Another feature is the XR Contrast Booster 20, which enhances colour and contrast in the picture. It also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10.

The XR processor can also handle a range of input formats, including Blu-ray discs. It can also handle 3D content. There are also two HDMI 2.1 ports.


Sony has started rolling out an updated software for its smart TVs with support for AirPlay 2 and Apple’s HomeKit. With the update, you’ll be able to control media from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac via your TV. You can even set your TV to turn on and off, and control volume and power.

Currently, the update is available for Sony TVs in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. To get the update, simply press the HELP button on the remote control and choose System software update. Once the update is available, you will be notified by your television that it has been updated. Besides Sony, other companies such as Samsung, LG, and Vizio are also offering smart TVs with AirPlay 2 support.

The next TV that Sony is releasing is the A80J OLED, which comes with Google Assistant and Alexa voice command support. You can expect to get 120Hz 4K resolution with this model. The TV also features support for the latest HDMI 2.1 standards. It also supports Netflix and IMAX video calibration.


The Chromecast built-in is a convenient way to watch mobile content on your TV. You can do this by connecting your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV. Also, make sure that you have the latest software versions of the mobile apps you’re using. This function is only available for devices running Android 2.3 or Apple iOS 7.0.

The Chromecast is priced at $50, which is more expensive than other budget-friendly players. However, it offers some additional features. One of these is the ability to calibrate video for better viewing. In addition, it works with Google TV, so it should work well with it. It can also support Dolby Atmos and VRR.

Unlike many other smart TVs, this Chromecast is compatible with the latest models of Sony televisions. It supports a variety of streaming services, including Netflix and YouTube. It also supports multiple inputs, including HDMI 2.1 and eARC. In addition, it also supports a native 120Hz refresh rate.


The Sony TV 2023 price range will feature the latest panel technology, the QD-OLED. This new panel technology combines self-emissive organic light-emitting diodes (SEDs) with quantum dots to provide a richer color spectrum with much better peak brightness and viewing angles. It also uses the company’s Cognitive XR processor to enhance the TV’s performance. It will be available in the 55-inch and 65-inch sizes.

The new 2022 OLED and LED televisions feature best-in-class processors. The XR OLED Contrast Pro technology enhances color and contrast in bright areas, while the Cognitive Processor XR chip enables a fully immersive experience with OLED pictures. The XR technology also features enhanced gaming features.

The Sony TV 2022 series makes use of Google’s TV smart platform, with Google Assistant built-in. However, users can also purchase a standalone streaming stick for $49 or AU$99 to get access to Google’s apps. Both the standalone streaming sticks have access to the Google Assistant and are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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