Sony TV Models for 2023

Whether you are searching for a new TV to replace an existing unit, or are considering purchasing a new television for the first time, it is important to have a good idea of the models available in 2023. These include Sony’s XR Master Series (Z9J), XR A90J OLED TV, and the BRAVIA X95J.


Currently, Sony’s OLED TVs are based on panels from LG Display. However, the company’s 2023 models will be based on the “QD-OLED” screen manufactured by Samsung Display. This new technology will bring about a completely new range of features and performance to Sony’s OLED TVs. In addition to its new screen technology, Sony will also introduce Acoustic Surface Audio+, a new audio technology.

Sony’s new TVs are powered by the company’s new “Cognitive Processor XR” chip. This chip cross-analyzes data and optimizes picture quality. It also enhances the contrast of pictures. For example, it will adjust the contrast of dark scenes to create realistic pictures. It will also enhance the color of light scenes by providing natural shades of color. This technology can also increase brightness in high-luminated scenes.

The company has also introduced Acoustic Multi Audio technology to their LCD LED TVs. This technology allows the entire screen to function as a speaker. It is also designed to track on-screen action and help create object tracking sounds. It is also available on the Sony W800, which is an HD LED TV.

Another new feature on Sony’s 2023 TVs is Acoustic Surface Audio+. This technology transforms the entire screen into a speaker that is designed to track on-screen action. It also dims the display to save energy. In addition, it adjusts the picture settings based on where the viewer is standing in the room. It will also enable gesture controls.

The company has also introduced XR Contrast Pro, which improves the look of content. This technology uses a human perspective analysis to create ultra-detailed shadows and peak brightness. In addition, it boosts color in bright scenes, and it also ensures skin tones are natural.

The Sony A90J OLED TV will feature a streamlined design. This model is a step down from the flagship A95K, but will still provide premium quality in a more compact package. In addition to its flat design, the A90J features two HDMI 2.1 ports. It will also feature Dolby Vision and HLG support. It will also feature a BRAVIA Cam, which will adjust the picture settings based on where the viewer stands. It will also include a premium remote.

The Sony BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A90J will feature XR OLED Contrast Pro, which will boost the contrast of pictures. This technology will analyze the colors of objects and adjust the contrast for realistic pictures. It will also enhance the range of hues and saturation. It will also support 4K@120Hz. This will enable gamers to play games at high frame rates. The TV will also include X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection technology. It will also feature the BRAVIA CORE service, which includes a selection of premium titles.

The Sony A80K OLED TV is a mid-range model that is a great option for those who are looking for a high-performance TV that delivers rich, fully saturated colors. The TV also features Dolby Vision and HDR10 technology. This will allow gamers to play games at 120 frames per second, which is faster than other HDR technologies.


BRAVIA X95J is one of Sony’s top-of-the-line LED-backlit TVs for the 2021 model year. It is also the first model to use QD-OLED technology. This technology will make it the brightest TV in the Sony line.

Sony’s 2022 TV lineup is set to be impressive. It features the latest in processing technology, industry-leading motion control, and a huge enclosure on the back. This enclosure houses the speakers and connections, as well as the processing hardware. The processor on these TVs will be able to deliver stunning images and amazing audio. The lineup will also include BRAVIA Core Calibrated Modes, which will automatically adjust the picture quality to better match the ambient light. These modes will help improve the user experience. The models also support Google TV, which allows users to add content to a Watchlist. They can also add content to their Watchlist by using a phone or laptop.

The X95J TV is illuminated with full-array LED backlighting and has a 120Hz refresh rate. It also features Acoustic Multi Audio technology, which is a feature that uses multiple speakers around the screen to provide a fuller sound. It also has local dimming and a semi-gloss screen surface. Its color accuracy is also very good.

This TV has two HDMI ports, which are able to handle 4K at 120Hz feeds. The screen also has HDMI 2.1 inputs, which is great news for gamer enthusiasts. This TV also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and it features Acoustic Surface Audio+, which is a feature that uses a surround-sound system in the back to create more realistic audio. The overall build quality is also very good. The X95J’s screen also has ultra-thin screen borders. It also has a built-in backlight blooming feature. This feature occurs when a bright object on the screen bleeds into darker areas around it.

This TV is also equipped with X-Wide Angle and Full Array LED panels. It also features XR Colour processing, which is an advanced processor that mimics human thinking. It also supports Dolby Atmos sound. This TV also supports Netflix’s Adaptive Calibrated mode, which automatically adjusts the picture quality to match the ambient light.

The X95J’s screen has very good black levels, which is great for dark room viewing. It also has good shadow detail and deep blacks. It also has a vibrant color palette. It also has good color accuracy in the “Custom” picture mode. This TV is also equipped with Hey Google voice controls.

The X95J is also available in 85-inch and 65-inch screen sizes. It comes with a premium remote. It will also be available in a 75-inch model later in the year. The price will be announced in the near future. Sony is also introducing a BRAVIA Cam with this TV, which will work with Sony’s RX0 II and ZV-1 cameras. This Cam can also be used with video chat apps and can block the screen when someone approaches too close. It can also be removed using the remote control.


During CES 2023, Sony announced three televisions under the Bravia XR brand: the X95J, X90J and 8K HDR Z9J Full Array Master Series. The new televisions feature Pure Stream technology, which Sony claims provides near lossless Blu-ray quality. These televisions will offer streaming services including Netflix, Google TV, and Apple Airplay. They are also available with “Hey Google” functionality, which allows users to add content to their Watchlist by using a phone.

These TVs are powered by a new processing method that detects the focal point of the picture and focuses processing on that area. The result is a more natural image. XR TVs also have a feature that adjusts the brightness of the screen to deeper blacks in the shadows. They also have a feature that detects objects on the screen, and remasters the image so that it is closer to the true image.

The BRAVIA XR Processor was developed by Sony in association with the Sony Pictures team. This new processor is so advanced that it can mimic a human brain and make picture processing more intelligent than ever before. Using the processor, Sony says customers will experience the most lifelike TV images yet.

Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs also include a new platform called BRAVIA CORE. This platform is designed to allow customers to access a wide variety of content including classic library titles, new movies, and games. It will also allow customers to stream movies at 4K/high frame rate, as well as high-resolution videos at 120fps.

Sony has also introduced the world’s first TVs with Cognitive Intelligence. This technology is designed to help users find the perfect movie or show by analyzing the focal point in the picture. According to Sony, the new chip will use a new processing method to scan the picture and pinpoint those elements that are most important. Unlike conventional Artificial Intelligence, the new chip will only analyze an image when it detects a specific focal point.

This new technology is also compatible with the BRAVIA HDMI 2.1 input, which allows users to stream 4K/120fps and games that support higher frame rates. The new HDMI 2.1 input also features a dedicated Game Mode. It also has a less than 6.0 ms input lag. This allows users to take full advantage of the high-performance capabilities of the new XR TVs.

Sony’s TVs will also have IMAX Enhanced Mode, which allows users to take advantage of Sony’s exclusive IMAX viewing technology. The new televisions also include a Google Assistant, which allows users to control their TVs using their phones. The new televisions also feature a Netflix Calibrated Mode, which allows users to take advantage of studio-quality Netflix content. These televisions also work with Google’s Chromecast, Apple Airplay, and Smart Speaker technology.

The new televisions also feature Acoustic Multi Audio, which is powered by Sony’s XR Surround speaker system. This technology uses sound positioning speakers built into the frame.

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