Television Brand Rankings

tv brand rankings

In terms of television brand rankings, Samsung remains the world’s leading flat panel television brand. Samsung continues to dominate sales of flat panel TVs, while also making many other models. LGE is second on the list, having improved its revenue share to 16.6%. TCL, a Chinese television manufacturer, is the first to break into the top three. The new rankings have the market leader’s logo at the top of the list, which is an impressive achievement.

LG and Samsung entered the Indian market in 1997 and have since dominated the market with over three million units sold. Moreover, they have maintained a seventy percent growth in the market since 2010. Sony remained the top brand, with a 20.9% unit share, followed by Samsung, LG, and LGE. Panasonic fares moderately, with an 8% market share. Phillips, Videocon, and Onida all made a slight appearance on the list.

The study also uncovered the top television brands in the U.S. according to a new survey by Lifestory Research. Samsung received a five-star trust rating and a Net Trust Quotient score of 117.8. The study’s methodology was based on a sample of 13,651 American adults, and only a handful of brands were excluded due to a low brand awareness or judgments. In addition, the study found that Samsung received the highest net trust ranking, allowing it to be the most trusted television brand.

Samsung leads the LCD and LED TV market, while Sony is the leader in plasma. In terms of ultra-wide viewing angles, Samsung is ahead of both Sony and Panasonic. Its EX720 has more pixels than its competitors, and it is also more affordable than Sony’s D7000. Samsung is also a strong backer of the LED/LCD TVs. And it has a wide lineup of mid-priced 4K TVs.

Hisense is a newer TV brand on the list, with just a few years on the market. The company is based in China, but has been selling TVs in North America for a short period of time. Hisense is known for being budget-friendly, and releases separate lineups for various markets. The U9DG, their flagship 4k model, is the best-selling TV in 2021. It also features the first 8K TV to come with a Roku smart platform.

LG is one of the world’s leading producers of smart TVs. They’ve created the first OLED television and are currently the leading smart television manufacturer. They’ve a perfect ratio for viewing content, as well as a feature called Pixel Turnoff. And if you’re looking for an even more luxurious TV, the LG CX OLED offers higher-end features, including an HDMI Forum VRR. The latest models are also highly customizable, and have several different modes to customize them to suit your preferences.

China remains the #1 region for TV shipments. While shipments declined slightly Y/Y during Q1’09, China’s flat panel TVs are still too expensive to trigger a nationwide upgrade wave. India, Korea, and Australia also comprise the Asia Pacific region. Western Europe and North America follow, respectively. The list of top TV brands is updated quarterly. And if you want to know which TV brand is the most popular and recognizable, look at the brand rankings for the top brands.

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