The 52 Sony TV is a Great TV

If you are looking for a great television then you might want to look at the 52 inch Sony TV. This is a really good choice because it has a lot of features and it is priced well. The quality is also very high. You will not find many better televisions around.

Samsung QN95B

If you want to buy a top of the range TV but you’re not on a budget, then the Samsung QN95B is one of the best options. It’s an excellent TV that delivers stunning picture quality and impressive audio. But it’s also a bit pricey.

The Samsung QN95B is a flagship Samsung 4K Neo QLED TV. It comes with a stunning design and improved processing. You’ll also enjoy the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos. There’s also class-leading local dimming and a Google Assistant for streaming services.

As for its other features, the Samsung S95B offers a redesigned Tizen smart TV system. It supports a variety of streaming services and has an Auto Low Latency Mode. Additionally, it has a clever directional audio system. This is also one of the few OLED TVs that have a dedicated One Connect box.

Samsung’s Tizen OS is one of the most powerful, providing a comprehensive list of available apps and streaming services. However, the software is a little less intuitive than its predecessors.

The Samsung S95B boasts a super-thin panel and an ultra-low pixel response time. It also has a very good SDR performance and a 120Hz refresh rate.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Samsung S95B has a redesigned and improved Tizen Smart TV system. With this new software, users can customize their experience by adding a new level of customization to their smart TV.

The Samsung S95B boasts the most advanced AI-inspired picture processor available. Its most impressive feature is probably the filmmaker mode, which is an excellent way to ensure fidelity when watching movies.

The Samsung S95B also has a super-thin panel and an advanced Quantum Dot OLED panel. It has four HDMI 2.1 ports and a One Connect box. Also, the Samsung’s viewing modes include the latest gaming features, including Dolby Atmos.

Finally, the Samsung S95B also offers a variable refresh rate, which means it will deliver a brighter and more realistic picture. The Samsung S95B isn’t the first to offer this, but it is the best at it.

While the Samsung S95B may not be the most cutting edge television you can buy, it does have the most advanced AI-inspired picture processor available.


LG’s A2 range of TVs comes with a self-lit 4K OLED display that produces perfect blacks. These are excellent for HDR movies. Using LG’s webOS platform, the A2 offers a user-friendly experience and has a well-stocked app library. The screen also supports HDR10.

LG’s A2 range of TVs also includes Dynamic Tone Mapping, which detects content in the frame and applies an optimal curve to tones on the screen. While this technology does cause some details to be lost in certain scenes, it does an excellent job of showing a natural HDR image.

While the screen is not as bright as the LG C1 and the LG B2, it still has the best peak brightness levels available. It is also an excellent choice for gaming.

With the a7 Gen 5 AI processor, LG A2 TVs offer a superior sound and picture quality. The processor improves the field of depth and reduces noise. Combined with Dolby Vision IQ and Dynamic Tone Mapping, it is capable of enhancing the overall audio and visual experience of the A2 televisions.

The A2 features a near-infinite contrast ratio, which makes the blacks appear deep and dark even when surrounded by white objects. In addition, it has an auto dynamic contrast feature that allows the display to appear brighter.

LG’s A2 TVs also support the latest features such as eARC and GeForce Now. This also includes the new Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which transforms the panel into a speaker.

Another benefit of LG’s a7 Gen 5 processor is its integration of Dolby Atmos. The integrated sound is powerful, nuanced and captivating.

Finally, the A2’s response time is nearly instantaneous, which makes for a smooth viewing experience. On the downside, though, it can produce a stutter when displaying lower frame rate content.

Overall, the LG A2 is a good OLED TV that delivers a great performance for the price. Though it does not always offer the most vibrant colors, it is still an affordable option. Those looking for an OLED TV with a better viewing experience may want to consider the LG C2 Series, which is more advanced.

Sony X90K

If you’re looking for a large screen TV that provides excellent picture quality and a good value, you should consider the Sony X90K. This 4K HDR TV offers great performance for the price. It features full-array LED backlighting and a flat design. In addition, it offers a number of advanced features. You can choose from a 65-inch model or an 85-inch model.

The Sony X90K comes with a built-in mic for hands-free voice control. You can also take advantage of the remote’s shortcuts to popular apps and streaming services. The remote is designed to be compact and sleek, and has a modern look. However, it lacks some basic features.

Sony X90K offers an optional backlight strobing feature. But, this is not as effective as the standard 720Hz flicker. Depending on the content, the strobing may not be noticeable.

The X90K’s picture and sound performance are backed by its excellent motion handling capabilities. The HDMI ports support variable frame rates, and they are HDCP version 2.3 compliant. With a good signal, the X90K can interpolate lower-frame-rate content up to 120 fps.

A number of different picture modes are available on the X90K. The Custom Picture Mode allows you to choose the brightness level and contrast for your picture. And it comes with a local dimming feature that improves overall picture quality.

Moreover, the X90K’s built-in Google Chromecast offers a huge selection of streaming apps. There are also shortcuts to popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. When you start a game, the TV automatically switches into Game Mode.

As for sound, the Sony X90K has good depth. It’s also not too loud. Unfortunately, it lacks a good bass extension. Luckily, the TV’s speakers are located on the top backside corners of the panel.

Overall, the Sony X90K is a good choice for those looking for a big-screen smart TV. However, you should know that the build and picture quality are not perfect. Some of the issues include blooming and reflections. Also, the TV’s gamma and color temperature are a little cold.

Sony Z9D

The Sony Z9D is a great TV for anyone who wants a powerful TV. It has a 4K HDR processor, a very accurate color system, and dynamic backlight control. But it is not the best high-end model out there.

While it is a fantastic TV, it isn’t as good as some other top-tier models. If you don’t mind being on the outskirts of the budget spectrum, you could consider a cheaper model.

The design of the Z9D is great, though it does have some issues. There are some nooks in the side where you might find it difficult to put your inputs. Also, there’s a small composite port that doesn’t work well.

In addition to these problems, the Sony Z9D doesn’t have an ad-free main interface. You might have to install a third-party app in order to get rid of ads.

While the Sony A80J is excellent, it isn’t as good as the X90J. It also lacks higher-end features such as local dimming.

The XR-48A90K is a step-down version of the X90K, and it has some interesting features. For instance, it has PS5-specific Auto HDR Tone Mapping. This means that you can use it to play HDR movies without sacrificing picture quality.

The XR-65X90J is another Sony TV that offers some very nice features. For instance, it has Google TV operating system, and it comes with Bravia Core streaming service.

The Sony XR-48A90K won the best 55-58in TV at the What Hi-Fi Awards 2021. At this price point, it’s a fantastic buy.

One feature that is missing from the XR-48A90K is its HGiG mode. Those who like to play video games will appreciate the gaming-specific features of the XR-65X90J.

While the Sony Z9D doesn’t have the most advanced design, it has a smooth semi-gloss finish. Plus, its LED backlights are controlled individually.

It also has an extra composite port. However, the port isn’t very well-represented. Another drawback is that the port’s frequency response isn’t very good. Unless you really want to be connected to a composite source, it’s probably best to get a separate adapter.