The Best 17 Inches Notebook 2023

If you’re looking to buy a new notebook, but you’re not sure which 17 inches laptop will suit your needs, don’t worry. We’ve gathered a list of the best 17-inch notebooks in the market so you can choose a model that’s right for you. Whether you want a machine that’s perfect for surfing the web, watching movies, or gaming, there’s something for you!

Lenovo ThinkPad P17 Gen 2

The Lenovo ThinkPad P17 Gen 2 17 inch notebook is the latest addition to the workstation series. This large and powerful laptop is designed for demanding tasks and comes with several features to enhance the performance and visual experience.

The laptop is powered by an Intel Xeon W-10885M processor. It has a 17.3″ screen that is anti-glare. This model also offers Dolby Vision HDR. Depending on the model, the display can offer up to 500 nits of brightness.

It has two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, as well as a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port. In addition, the laptop has a Kensington Lock slot.

The ThinkPad P17 has a magnesium alloy case. This makes it a durable and sturdily built laptop. Despite its weight and size, the laptop is very portable. There are also many different configurations to choose from.

ThinkPad P17 Gen 2 has a 17.3″ IPS display. The screen is bright and has an anti-glare surface. While the screen isn’t a touchscreen, it has integrated click buttons that you can use to perform common functions.

The keyboard is very sturdy, and it is backlit. A number pad is available, as well as a TrackPoint. These keys are multifunction, so you can use them to zoom in and out, make menus, and perform other tasks.

Lenovo P17 is also equipped with a fingerprint reader. There are three dedicated TrackPoint buttons on the touchscreen.

The laptop also includes an HDMI 2.0 port and an Ethernet port. It is available in a variety of configurations, including an 8-core/32-thread Intel Xeon W-11955M CPU, an eight-core/16-thread Xeon W-10885M CPU, and a 10-core/32-thread Xeon W-10885M.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701

With the Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 notebook, gamers can expect to get a powerful gaming machine. This laptop has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series graphics and an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H processor. These components are paired with a 17.3-inch matte-finish display with 100% DCI-P3 coverage, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 3ms response time.

The new model has improved ventilation and cooling. It comes with two large fans that are designed to keep the system cool. There are also pipes and a pair of heatsinks for the processor and GPU.

The keyboard is very forward-facing, and the keys feel deeper and more satisfying. Two 2.5W speakers sit either side of the keyboard.

The 17-inch screen is perfect for gaming. It has a 144Hz refresh rate and Pantone color certification.

A 1080p 60 FPS webcam is included, but it isn’t integrated. Instead, it can be used with an external webcam.

Another highlight is the G-Sync panel. G-Sync is a technology that lets the system switch between discrete and integrated graphics when a game is being played.

The ROG Active Aerodynamic System is another feature that keeps the system cool. It includes two large fans and pipes that are placed under the laptop. This design helps the system stay cool, and the keyboard is shifted forward for increased airflow.

One major drawback of the Asus Zephyrus GX701 is that it doesn’t have an Ethernet LAN port. Some users may complain about the low battery life of this model.

The Zephyrus S has a USB-C port. While the USB-C port doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3, it has a Gen1 3.1 USB-C port that is capable of charging a device.

HP Envy 17t

The HP Envy 17t notebook 2023 is a good choice for those looking for a laptop that provides a combination of style and functionality. It comes with plenty of features for daily use, including a bright, full-size keyboard, a vibrant 4K display, and an excellent touchpad.

The HP Envy 17t is a solid, well-built laptop. The aluminum body resists fingerprints and smudges, and the hinges are strong. However, its weight is a bit of a concern. Without a charger, the device weighs more than six pounds.

The HP Envy 17t also offers a good selection of ports. There are two USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C port that supports HDMI 2.0, a DVD drive, a Kensington lock slot, and a 5-in-1 memory card reader. In addition to the traditional USB connectors, there are two headphone jacks and a microphone port, which can be used in a variety of ways.

While the HP Envy 17t has a decent selection of features, it does not offer the performance or build quality of a top-of-the-line machine. This means that it is not necessarily the ideal machine for those who do serious work or play games.

Although the 17t can be configured with Nvidia GeForce MX330 graphics, these processors are not as powerful as the more powerful Intel HD 530 or AMD Radeon HD 6630M GPUs. That said, if you’re looking for a more affordable machine with a dedicated GPU, this laptop is an excellent choice.

The HP Envy 17T’s design is sleek and modern. The lid has raised bumps that add to the premium feel. On the left side, there are two USB ports that can be used to charge a connected device while the computer is asleep.

Dell Inspiron 7000

The Dell Inspiron 7000 is a 17-inch 2-in-1 laptop with a large touchscreen. It is a good choice for gaming and general productivity. However, the battery life is not stellar.

While the Inspiron 7000 is a great 2-in-1 device, it is not perfect. It has a fairly loud fan, poor battery life, and is a bit expensive. Also, it does not have an Ethernet port, which would enhance its use as a main work machine.

The Inspiron 17 7000 weighs 6.4 pounds and measures 16.2 x 10.9 x 0.9 inches. It is made of a durable, metal chassis. It features a glossy finish.

The 17.3-inch screen is wide enough to fit a 17-inch tablet, making it a good choice for multimedia and entertainment. The display is also touchscreen enabled, allowing you to markup webpages with your finger.

The screen is a Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution. NVIDIA GeForce MX150 discrete graphics provide powerful performance, especially in video editing and photo editing. There are four thermal settings in the Dell Power Manager to help control the amount of heat generated.

The Dell Inspiron 7000 features a face-detecting camera and accurate touchpad. These features are ideal for video editing and web browsing.

The hinges on the Inspiron 17 7000 are sturdy and can withstand abuse. However, the lid flexes if you twist it too hard. This can wear on your hands, especially if you are a heavy user.

The Inspiron 7000 is an affordable option for users who want a flexible and portable computer. It can be used as a clamshell, folded in to tablet mode, or held in hand. Moreover, the lid can be extended backwards for better typing angle.

MSI GE76 Raider

MSI’s GE76 Raider is a powerful gaming laptop. It features a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti mobile GPU. In addition, it has two high-capacity fans. The screen is bright and smooth, with a very high contrast.

However, it is a bit heavy. It’s not the lightest laptop we’ve ever tested. Also, it has a full RGB backlight. While it’s not as vibrant as older GE75 models, the GE76’s screen retains details in shadows.

MSI GE76 Raider uses a 240 Hz or 300 Hz FHD IPS panel. These panels offer good color gamut support, but they’re not ideal for travel. They also take a lot of juice out of the battery.

On the upside, the GE76 Raider has an Intel Core i9-11980HK processor. This chip is unlocked, so it’s capable of overclocking. That means it can reach a maximum boost clock of 5GHz. Other features include eight cores and 16 threads.

It comes with 32GB of memory and a full-sized SD card slot. There’s also a Mini DisplayPort 1.4 port. And of course, it has a Thunderbolt 4 port.

Sadly, it’s a very expensive machine. It has a price tag of $4,100. Thankfully, the GE76 Raider can also switch between discrete and hybrid mode. If you want to maximize the CPU’s power, you’ll have to enable Hybrid mode.

While the GE76’s battery is impressive, it’s not quite enough to last a whole workday. You can get through about four hours.

While the battery does have an incredible capacity of 99.9 Wh, it’s not nearly enough to run the machine all day long. We hope MSI will release a newer version of the GE76 Raider later this year.