The Best Flat Screen TVs For 2022 and 2023

Whether you’re looking for a flat screen TV that’s going to perform best in the next few years or you’re in the market for one to replace your current model, you’re likely to find a lot of great options on the market. But before you make your final decision, it’s important to look into the latest trends in the market. This way, you can get the most for your money.


Despite its name, LG CX flat screen TVs for 2022 and 2023 are based on OLED display technology. They feature a 120Hz panel, and near-infinite contrast ratio. They are also excellent for dark room viewing.

LG OLED TVs come with G-Sync and VRR support. They also include a dark room gaming mode. They offer full HDMI 2.1 capabilities, and are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They also have a voice search feature. They also have an ambient mode that displays various information. They also have an Auto Brightness Limiter that dims the screen when large areas get bright.

The LG CX will feature an Auto Low Latency mode. It will also be compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the LG WebOS 22 smart platform. It will also have a Game Optimizer menu that collects and stores relevant game settings. It will also include a fifth preset for sports games. It will also feature an ambient mode that displays art and music with a light animation.

The LG CX is also capable of playing back 24p content without judder, with BFI enabled. It also supports composite and HDMI 2.1 inputs. It has a wide viewing angle, and is also capable of producing perfect blacks.

The LG CX also comes with a dark room mode that reduces eye fatigue when watching in low light. It can also display various information, such as clocks and art. It can also display personnel photos and music with light animation.

LG’s CX also supports Game Mode. It can display game titles, and can even remove judder from native apps and sources. It can also turn off individual pixels.

Samsung QN900B

Whether you’re looking to replace a PC monitor or simply upgrade your living room’s entertainment setup, a Samsung QN900B flat screen TV for 2022 and 2023 is an excellent choice. It features a 75-inch panel, powerful audio, and a number of useful features.

Samsung’s 75-inch Neo QLED QN900B Series TV is built with an ultra-high resolution panel and Quantum Mini LED backlights. This advanced technology creates high brightness, excellent reflection handling, and nuanced local dimming. It also supports Quantum HDR 24X and Quantum HDR 64X, which allow you to watch movies in 4K and 8K, respectively.

Another important feature of the Samsung QN900B is its high refresh rate. This allows you to see smooth motion and reduced motion blur. It also offers a depth-of-field filter, which produces a 3D effect on scenes. The screen can be calibrated in 10 minutes using a companion app.

In addition to the QN900B’s premium design and features, it also offers the best picture quality of any Samsung TV. It features 20 neural networks that analyze shows and movies scene by scene. It also includes Object Tracking Sound Pro, which tracks audio with the position of objects on the screen. The AI-enhanced processor also provides an upscaled 4K resolution.

The Samsung QN900B also includes Samsung’s exclusive OneConnect box, which supplies HDMI and power to the TV. The box is able to flat wall mount and includes a slim solar-powered remote. The screen is also treated with an anti-glare coating.

The Samsung 75″ Neo QLED QN900B Series TV also features a 120Hz refresh rate, which allows you to enjoy more smooth motion. It also offers punchy colors and insane clarity.

Sony A90J

Currently, Sony is selling two OLED TV models in 2021, the A80J and the A90J. While both are impressive, the A90J has an edge in several technical specifications.

For instance, the A80J is more budget-friendly than the A90J. It also features better localized lighting control. And it’s thinner than last year’s X950H/XH95. However, the A90J does not have the same peak brightness of the top models.

It also lacks some advanced gaming features. However, it delivers a great picture. And its low input lag is perfect for gaming. You can use HDMI 2.1 ports to get a full gaming experience. And the onboard processor dynamically adjusts color levels, brightness, and contrast.

It also supports Dolby Atmos passthrough. This will allow you to watch immersive, surround sound without the need for a separate audio system. It also includes a hub for Samsung SmartThings smart home gear. And it uses the Tizen operating system. You can control it with a remote, a touchscreen, or even with voice commands.

Also, it uses a combination of OLED and quantum dots to achieve a wider viewing angle. It’s also got a new heat dissipation system. It has a faster response time and a lower input lag. The TV also has a higher peak luminance and more accurate color saturation than its predecessors. It uses Sony’s Cognitive XR Processor, which is able to enhance colors and balance RGB and White subpixels.

Finally, it has an enhanced audio return channel, eARC. This is similar to the Sony’s BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode, which automatically aligns the image quality to the video creator’s vision. And it also has Auto HDR Tone Mapping.

Vizio MQX

Among the new Vizio MQX flat screen TVs 2022 and 2023 models, the Quantum X Series has received the Innovation Award from CES 2022. The Vizio MQX 50-inch and 65-inch models provide 1080p at 240 Hz gaming capability. The Quantum X series is powered by the next generation VIZIO IQ Ultra+ processor. The processor manages HDR10+ and Dolby Vision content and handles Ultra HD upscaling.

Vizio’s MQX line features Quantum dot LED backlighting for more vibrant colors. The Quantum Color Spectrum produces over one billion colors. The Quantum dot LED panel also has accurate color reproduction. It’s also able to cover 80% of the Rec 2020 color space.

In addition to the Quantum Dot LED backlighting, MQX models offer advanced gaming features. Vizio’s ProGaming Engine adds AMD FreeSync technology support. The technology adjusts frame rate and black-level performance, which improves QLED black-level performance.

The MQX series also features 10W speakers and four HDMI 2.1 inputs. They also support Apple AirPlay 2.

Vizio’s MQX and MQ6 series TVs also offer access to free and subscription channels. Their advanced technology includes quantum dot LED backlighting and Active Pixel Tuning. These features provide a higher peak brightness, which improves QLED black-level performances. In addition, the TVs are compatible with Wi-Fi 6E, which is tri-band. They also provide access to over 250 free channels. The TVs also have built-in WiFi 6E, which provides access to over 5000 on demand movies and shows.

Vizio’s MQX series starts at $629 for a 50-inch model. The 65-inch and 75-inch models also include the Quantum Dot LED backlighting and advanced gaming features. The 65-inch model features a dual-height stand and supports Dolby Vision auto gaming.

TCL 6-Series

Whether you’re looking for a TV for your home theater, your family room, or a gaming room, TCL 6-Series flat screen TVs for 2022 and 2023 will deliver the performance you want and the features you need. They’re also very affordable.

TCL 6-Series flat screen TVs feature Mini LED backlight technology, which delivers a stunning contrast ratio and local dimming. They also use a semi-gloss finish to reduce the intensity of direct reflections. In addition, they have excellent reflection handling, which prevents smearing. They’re also bright enough to overcome glare in bright rooms.

TCL 6-Series flat screen Tvs for 2022 and 2023 have a wide color gamut, which means they’ll show all colors accurately. They also have great gray uniformity.

TCL 6-Series flat screen tvs for 2022 and 2023 feature excellent reflection handling. The center-mounted pedestal stand supports the TV well, and it’s thin enough to fit under most furniture.

TCL 6-Series flat screen televisions for 2022 and 2023 feature Mini LED backlight technology, which delivers local dimming. They also use 240 dimming zones, which improves black uniformity. The TV is bright enough to overcome glare in bright room, and has a good viewing angle. It’s also very responsive when gaming, and the high-speed refresh rate keeps motion smooth.

TCL 6-Series flat screen 4k televisions for 2022 and 2023 also have a center-mounted pedestal stand. It lifts the screen 2.8 inches off the table, and its thin design supports the TV well. It also features a built-in microphone, so you can use Google Assistant to interact with your TV.

TCL 6-Series flat screen 5k televisions for 2022 and 2023 have excellent gaming capabilities. They’re responsive and use plenty of HDMI 2.1 ports, which means they’ll play your games at high frame rates. They also feature a variable refresh rate feature, which works better at low frame rates.

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