The Best LED TVs For 2023

Buying a new LED TV may be a daunting task, but with the right research and advice you can make the right decision. We have compiled the best LED TVs for 2023, including the best for picture, sound and value. We have a full range of sizes and features, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

Samsung QN90A

Among the top 4K LED TVs for 2023, the Samsung QN90A is a great choice for any home. It offers a great range of colors and has a great response time. It is also equipped with a NEO quantum processor which analyzes images for upscaling. It’s also capable of handling light scattering well. It also has a great reflection handling feature.

The Samsung QN90A’s VA panel produces deep blacks and has a good native contrast ratio. It also has a low input lag. It also has good local dimming. The peak brightness is impressive, too.

The Samsung QN90A also features motion interpolation. This feature allows the TV to analyze images to improve motion handling. It can interpolate up to 120 fps of 30 fps content. However, it can cause artifacts in fast-moving objects.

The Samsung QN90A’s gamma follows the target curve well, too. It also has a high peak brightness and a good color volume. It also has an Auto Brightness Limiter that dims large areas of bright colors. It also uses pulse width modulation to dim the backlight.

The Samsung QN90A has a decent viewing angle, too. The panel is very thin, though. The stand is also wobbly. It can be a bit uncomfortable to move around, but it’s the only downside of the TV. It also doesn’t have a pedestal stand.

The Samsung QN90A is available in four variants in North America. The 43-inch model has a lower refresh rate than the other models. It doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 bandwidth.


Whether you are looking for a TV for your living room or a home theater, you should consider the LG S95B. It offers excellent picture quality, a host of premium features, and an ultra-slim profile. It is also compatible with the PlayStation 5.

If you’re looking for an OLED TV with the best high resolution, you might consider the LG S95B. It’s similar to the LG G2 OLED, but it has a few extra features. It has a slick panel design, and it’s got a thin stand.

The LG S95B offers excellent color accuracy. Its DCI-P3 color space is similar to that used by most HDR content. This helps the S95B to display bright highlights next to perfect blacks.

The S95B also has an ultra-fast response time. The screen can react to the latest variable refresh rate formats in near-instantaneous fashion. It also offers a depth enhancement mode. The pixels are designed to deliver incredible detail.

The Samsung S95B also has a feature that helps remove judder from 24p movies. This feature is a great feature to have if you’re a fan of sensory overload. The screen is also equipped with an optional black frame insertion feature. It helps reduce banding, which is a common problem with OLEDs.

The S95B also has a feature that lets you adjust the brightness of each pixel. This feature is particularly useful in dark rooms.

Sony A95K

Whether you’re considering an LED or OLED television, the Sony A95K is a great choice for its ground-breaking picture quality. Using Sony’s Quantum Dot OLED technology, the TV delivers infinite contrast, ultra-punch brightness peaks, and perfect black levels. It also features a built-in light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the room’s ambient lighting.

The Sony A95K also sports an impressive pixel-level light control. It has a dazzling picture processing engine that makes the most of the Quantum Dot OLED panel. It can also reach a dazzling 1,000 nits of brightness at its brightest.

It also has an exclusive Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature. This means it can upscale 1080p content to 8K. The feature also works with regular HDR10 signals. Its other cool features include Acoustic Multi Audio, which creates immersive sound by using multiple speakers around the screen. And the Acoustic Surface Audio+ system, which places sounds in the right place to match the screen action.

It’s also worth noting that the Sony A95K has an ultra-wide viewing angle. Depending on the room, the screen can stretch across a wide range of distances, creating a cavernous experience. The screen also supports Dolby Atmos sound, and it has an eARC HDMI port, which enables pass-through of Dolby Atmos and other soundbars.

It’s worth noting that the Sony A95K’s remote isn’t a touchscreen. It’s a traditional button-laden remote, but it’s more user-friendly than most.

Philips 65OLED986

Using the same LG OLED panel as Philips’ flagship OLED8, the 65OLED986 adds a brighter panel, a Bowers & Wilkins speaker system and an extra picture processor. The result is a TV that looks stunning. It boasts a wide sound stage, a detailed picture and an impressive colour palette.

The OLED986 has an integrated sound system with three mid/bass drivers and two tweeters. These speakers are powered by Philips’ trademark Ambilight technology, which dynamically mirrors colours and sound content.

The OLED986 also includes Philips’ new Intelligent Light Sensor, which adjusts image brightness based on room conditions. This ensures that lower bitrate content looks more realistic, and helps to reduce colour gradation problems.

The Philips OLED+986 has a remote that is simple to use, but also sits comfortably in the hand. The remote has a large control panel and is easy to navigate. It is also fully sizeable, so you won’t find yourself accidentally hitting the wrong button.

The Philips 65OLED986 comes with a two-piece stand, which can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted. The stand has a sturdy build and great balance. It also includes a cable tidy. It is also manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins, who have been making speaker cabinets since 1977. The speaker enclosure has a perforated steel finish and a Tweeter-on-Top design.

The Philips 65OLED986 has a two-chip processing engine that prioritizes movie performance, and is augmented by Ambilight technology. Ambilight reduces eye fatigue when watching in low-light conditions, and enables Philips’ TVs to be used in rooms with dim lighting.


Buying a new TV is one of the most exciting purchases you can make. With all the technology available today, choosing the right model can be daunting. A new Sharp LED TV has the technology to keep your viewing experience smooth and picture quality crisp.

Sharp’s new line of Mini LED TVs will arrive in the first half of 2023. They will be available in 65 and 75 inch models. They will also be built on a brand new platform based on Sharp’s latest technology. The new TVs have a number of benefits, including the ability to stow away the remote, and the ability to run a number of Android TV apps. They also feature a plethora of partner kits, including an HDMI port, a USB port, and a power cable.

Sharp’s XLED 300 model is an impressive 4K Ultra HD resolution TV, with Aquos smooth motion, Android TV, and Dolby Vision audio. It also features an impressive number of dimming zones, and will likely cost under PS1,000.

Sharp’s EQ model also has a few notable technologies, such as their Active Mini LED drive technology, which divides the mini LED backlight into a number of areas to control the brightness. It also features the latest in LED technology, including N-Black panels, as well as a number of special features. The FP model is also noteworthy, with a number of other notable technologies including Dolby Atmos audio and a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Hisense U6H

Previously known as a budget friendly 4k TV, the Hisense U6H has recently been updated. Featuring an updated version of Google TV, the U6H offers premium features at a low price. This TV also delivers a stunning 4K display and is compatible with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HLG.

This TV uses quantum dots to create a wider range of colors. It also offers a brighter panel and is more contemporary in design. It also supports a variety of leading HDR formats including Dolby Vision and HDR10+. It also features a dedicated FilmMaker mode that allows you to watch movies in the correct aspect ratios and frame rates.

The U6H is also available in a 65-inch model. This TV features a 4K display and includes a Hi-View Engine processor. This processor is designed to provide accurate colours, smooth motion, and low input lag. It also includes a VESA wall mount, far-field voice control, and Game Mode Plus.

Hisense also uses Quantum Dot technology in its ULED TVs. It uses tens of thousands of tiny LEDs to enhance the lighting and create a brighter display. In addition, the TV features Mini LED backlighting, which is said to improve the contrast and lighting. It will also feature over 500 local dimming zones.

Hisense TVs are priced between $580 and $700. They lack HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, but feature a 4K Ultra HD resolution and QLED displays.

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