The Best TV Brands in 2023

There are so many different tv brands on the market today that it can be very hard to know which ones to choose. There are some important factors you need to keep in mind when choosing your television, such as its size, its resolution, and its budget.


Panasonic has been around for over 50 years. It is one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry, and was one of the leading plasma TV makers. As of 2022, the company has a new lineup of LCD and OLED televisions. These models offer a more modern take on the traditional plasma display.

For starters, it is a lot easier to set up. A Panasonic LED-LCD TV boasts good image quality and is easy to set up. The most impressive aspect of these models is that they are energy efficient. The company cites the fact that its LED-LCD televisions use up to half the power compared to other similar models.

The newest models in the line are better in several ways. For example, they feature a superior HCX Pro AI processor. This enables the company to deliver a more accurate color and contrast. It also reduces input lag, which is a big plus in gaming.

Other cool new features include a Game Control Board, which is a smart device that presents key gaming information in a visually stunning way. It includes a slew of useful details, such as HDR metadata, chroma subsampling data and real-time gaming information.

The LZ1500 range will be available in 65, 55, 48 and 42-inch sizes. The LZ2000 is a touch larger, featuring a directional sound system, a built-in woofer, front array speakers and three different audio modes.


The Chinese manufacturer Hisense is a rising star in the TV industry. This upstart company has been gaining momentum over the past few years, and its products are now becoming more affordable.

Hisense is a budget brand, but it offers a wide variety of models for both entry level consumers and those looking for a high-end television. You can find Hisense TVs in a variety of price ranges, from less than $200 to almost $2,000.

Several Hisense models come with the Android TV operating system, which allows for easy navigation and customization. You can access many apps through the Google Play Store, and the interface is clean and uncluttered. However, this OS can be a bit overwhelming at first, and some of the apps may take a while to load.

Hisense TVs also come with voice controls, which allow you to search for content and change inputs. The voice control can be limited in some settings, so you should still be aware of that.

Hisense TVs are now available in HDR, which is optimized for vibrant and rich colors. You can expect decent black levels, and they should perform well in both dark rooms and well-lit ones. However, you won’t get the same amount of peak brightness from Hisense sets as from more expensive brands.

Some Hisense models offer the Quantum Dot color technology, which has remarkable out-of-box accuracy. Hisense’s TVs use a variable refresh rate, which delivers a smooth image for fast-action content.


If you’re looking for a TV that offers great picture quality and features at an affordable price, consider Vizio. The company offers a range of models, including entry-level 4k models and more expensive models.

One of the reasons that Vizio is a popular choice for TV buyers is that they are known for offering great value. For example, you can get a top-notch TV with the P Series for $1399 to $2,999. In addition to the price, you get the best video processing, best color performance and most dimming zones available in the industry.

The company has also improved its Wi-Fi connectivity, adding Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E. This provides faster and more stable connections. The company has even added Bluetooth integration to some of its models.

Moreover, a Vizio 50-inch model has four HDMI 2.1 ports and a 240 Hz refresh rate. It also supports Dolby Vision auto gaming technology. This is a good feature to have if you want to play games on your TV.

While some people might think that the SmartCast platform is not the most reliable, Vizio has managed to improve it. In fact, more and more apps are getting on board. However, there are still some snags, such as the lack of a dedicated app store. If you’re reliant on streaming services, you may need a set-top box.

Vizio also added some new features for its 2023 line of TVs and soundbars. These include an Active Full Array backlight system for superior black levels and Dolby Vision HDR performance. They also come with a ThinFrame design and the option to use Bluetooth headphones.


LG is one of the leading TV brands in the world. They make a wide variety of televisions that range in price from entry-level to high-end models. They are also known for their OLED display technology. These TVs offer top picture quality and support a number of features to ensure that your experience is smooth and hassle-free.

LG has been releasing new TVs every year. Some of the newer TVs include OLED displays and LED-LCD panels. They have also been improving their webOS platform. They also have some of the best gaming features. They are compatible with Amazon Alexa smart systems and Google Assistant. They also offer a full suite of streaming services.

LG’s OLED display technology offers better dark room performance. It has deeper blacks and a more accurate color. They also have a higher refresh rate. This helps to avoid motion blur and makes for a smoother playback.

They have improved their smart platform and added a new Magic Remote to make voice commands easier. LG’s latest WebOS 6.0 set uses the entire screen for apps and recommendations. The Magic Explorer feature allows you to get information about shows you watch and other related details.

Most TVs today are LED-LCD. They can have problems with motion blur, though. They may also have issues with flicker. This is a concern especially when using an IPS-like panel. IPS panels aren’t very good in a dark room.


Toshiba is one of the best TV brands in 2023, with a range of smart features and affordability. Toshiba also makes other appliances, such as electronic control systems.

Toshiba’s M550 Series 55M550KU 55-inch HDR LED-backlit television boasts a large color palette, natural colors, and Dolby Vision support. The 58L5400U 58-inch screen is also impressive, using dual processors and ClearScan technology to improve image quality.

The Toshiba MV13L2 13-inch TV is a legacy design that can fit easily on small TV stands. It supports a wide range of input devices, including HDMI and USB. It has a built-in two-head VCR, and it can play DVDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes.

There are a wide variety of Toshiba TVs, ranging from the 720p LCD model to the 4K HDR LCD. The TVs also feature built-in Fire TV and Amazon Alexa, and there are also a number of streaming services supported, such as Netflix, YouTube, and DTS.

There are also TVs that support Dolby Atmos, which means sound comes from all directions. This is useful for those who have a large room or plan to use their TV in a home theater.

The Toshiba M550 Series 55M550KU 55-inch TV has a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. This helps provide excellent picture quality in all directions. It also has wide viewing angles, and it offers a 480-motion rate.

The Toshiba 58L5400U 58-inch TV relies on a high-quality CQ engine and ClearScan technology. It features a large screen for a home theater, and it offers a refresh rate of 240Hz.


If you’re looking for a television, it’s important to choose a brand that offers a high image quality. If you have a poor picture, you may regret your purchase. You want to look for a manufacturer with a reputation for reliable TVs and a solid selection of screen sizes.

One of the top TV brands in the world today is Sony. Its Bravia televisions are known for their excellent upscaling and bright pictures. They also boast a variety of options, including Android and WebOS. You can also find some very affordable models under the brand’s name.

Sony’s Bravia XR A95K is a great option. It has HDMI 2.1 ports and minimal input lag. It produces vivid colors and amazing contrast, as well as a fast response time. It even has a special menu that optimizes the picture for the PlayStation 5. It has a sub-10m lag for gaming.

LG’s 55NU8000 is another good choice. Its low input lag and 120Hz refresh rate make it perfect for games. It also has a Game Optimiser menu, which lets you adjust brightness, contrast and VRR. It supports 4K/120fps playback and Dolby Vision. It has a beefy built-in subwoofer that ensures a deep audio experience.

Samsung’s NU7500 is a top choice for HDR. It has an impressive HDR performance, and its peak HDR brightness exceeds 1400 nits. It has a high average picture level, as well.

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