The Best Ultralight Computer 2023

There are numerous ultralight computers on the market but it’s not always easy to choose the one that fits your needs and budget. That is why we have gathered some of the best ultralight computers on the market so that you can make an informed decision.

CHUWI HeroBook

The Chuwi HeroBook ultralight computer is a reliable, affordable option for general productivity work. It offers a wide range of features and is built to last. While the laptop is not a fast or efficient machine, it is reliable for day-to-day tasks and can easily be upgraded. You can buy this laptop from AliExpress, Amazon, and other online stores for just under $200.

This laptop has a high-resolution 14.1-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It also has a matte finish to minimize glare when you’re in well-lit spaces. However, it does not have a dedicated graphics card, and the display is not ideal for media playback. A full-sized keyboard and a touchpad with an oversized keypad are both included.

Chuwi also makes the HeroBook Pro 14. Although this model is a bit smaller, it offers a more powerful CPU and is priced less than the AeroBook. Both of these models come with a 256GB SSD. They have a microSD card reader and dual band Wi-Fi. Their IPS panel is very good for viewing angles and the laptop has a low-light sensor for reducing eye strain.

Chuwi also sells the HeroLook Pro+, a lightweight laptop that uses a mid-sized battery. This model is available on the company’s website for just $269, and it comes with Windows 10 Home. There are two USB-A ports and a mini HDMI port, and it also has standard inputs. Despite the hefty bezels surrounding the display, it is very portable and looks quite similar to the Acer Swift 3 series from a couple of years ago.

While Chuwi makes good products, there are other competitors with better specs and features. Some of these models, such as the Teclast F7 Plus, have backlit keyboards and 14.1-inch screens. In addition, they have 256GB SSDs and a variety of other options. And even the more expensive XPS 15 from Dell has a 1920 x 1200 display. Moreover, the Teclast has an older Intel Celeron N4100 processor, while the AeroBook has an Intel Core i5 UHD 15.6-inch chip.

Although it may not have the most impressive specifications, the Chuwi AeroBook Plus is one of the cheapest Core i5 UHD 15.6-inch laptops. It has a 256GB SSD, a MicroSD card reader, and two USB 3.0 ports. All of these make it capable of handling most computing tasks. But it doesn’t have the same build quality as the Apple MacBook. Also, it’s made out of plastic, rather than aluminum. That’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t help the overall look and feel of the laptop.

Another model is the Chuwi Gemibook. It has an expandable 2280 m2 expandable SSD, and runs on an Intel Celeron processor. When you first open the laptop, it looks very similar to a Macbook.

Acer Swift 5

Acer’s Swift 5 is an ultralight computer that’s built to last. It has a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 8th-generation processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD. This isn’t a top-of-the-line machine, but it’s plenty fast for casual gaming. Plus, it’s not too heavy, measuring only 2.2 pounds. That makes it a breeze to move around.

It also features a bright screen, a functional keyboard, a solid touchpad, and a long battery life. But, the laptop’s best feature is its ability to recognize and respond to touch inputs. There’s even a fingerprint reader on the side. The new Swift 5 also has HDMI 2.1, which is a bit of a novelty for a laptop.

And, while it may not have the highest-resolution display in its class, its 16:10 display offers a more spacious viewing area, so you can read more text at once. Also, it has a two-level backlight that helps reduce glare.

The new Swift 5 comes with a more upscale look. Its two-tone aluminum shell gives the machine a premium feel. The lid is also stiff, and it measures only 20mm thick.

Acer’s new Swift 5 also has a few other nifty features, including a nifty touchscreen and an impressive amount of ports. Two USB-A ports, a headphone jack, a full-size HDMI port, and a USB-C port are included, along with four expansion slots. As you would expect, the Swift 5 also has standard stereo speakers, although they do sound like the typical laptop sound.

It’s not quite as sleek as the MacBook, but the new Swift is still very light. At 2.2 pounds, the machine is nearly as light as the Apple MacBook, but it weighs less than the Acer Aspire One. However, the Swift isn’t a convertible, so it’s not a 2-in-1.

On the flip side, the Swift has some other interesting features, like the 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD that’s upgradeable. There’s also a surprisingly large battery, which can last a good 10 hours. Other notable specs include an IR-sensor camera and a small adapter that lets you charge from a USB-C port.

Despite its hefty price tag, the Acer Swift is still a genuinely useful piece of hardware. You’ll find plenty of apps that help you accomplish your tasks. In fact, the Acer is probably the best example of an affordable, reliable, and portable laptop you can buy today. Even if you do have to pay a little more for the latest hardware, you’ll get more for your money in the end.

Compared to its predecessor, the Swift has a better screen, an upgraded processor, and a more impressive amount of RAM. It also has a higher resolution and more powerful graphics. Lastly, it has some smart updates, which makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a new notebook.

Asus Zenbook UX31VW

The ASUS Zenbook UX31VW ultralight computer is an elegant combination of elegance, mobility, and power. It’s the ideal device for creators on the go, allowing them to live up to their full artistic potential. Whether you’re a light creator or an advanced multitasker, you’ll find what you need in the Zenbook Pro 16. This laptop’s sleek, all-metal chassis is designed to ensure optimal cooling and optimal typing comfort.

One of the more unique features of this model is its two displays. In addition to the main display, which is a stunning 14.5-inch 2.8K vivid stunner, you’ll find another OLED visual treat on the secondary screen. You can even configure this machine with up to 1TB of storage.

With a 16:10 120Hz touchscreen and per-key “WhiteRGB” backlit keyboard, this machine offers incredible typing comfort. The laptop also has a White RGB intelligent lighting system, which means you can easily customize the brightness of your secondary display. Moreover, the laptop’s chassis is tested for US military grade durability.

On top of that, the Zenbook Pro 16X is the world’s first laptop to feature AAS Ultra design. This means that the processor and memory are placed right next to each other, resulting in improved performance and better cooling.

While the CPU, RAM, and storage are sufficient, you’ll definitely want to have at least 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. For even more options, you can opt for the larger, 13th-gen P-series Intel chips. Alternatively, you can go with the standard 14-inch ZenBook Duo.

Asus recently updated its Zenbook Pro 14 Duo, as well as its Zenbook 14X OLED. Both laptops offer the latest in mobile tech, including a new Intel CPU, as well as an Intel Evo GPU. As a result, they’re perfect for on-the-go creators, whether they’re a seasoned multitasker or just enjoying a casual online lecture.

Another recent update to the Zenbook Pro 16X is the addition of NVIDIA GeForce RTX(tm) graphics. This allows the laptop to run the latest games, while still offering mid-tier performance for everyday tasks. Plus, it also comes with a full I/O port lineup. There’s an HDMI slot, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port, an SD card reader, and a headphone jack.

Although the Zenbook Pro 16X does have some limitations, it’s the best laptop on the market for the price. This is thanks to the new generation of Intel Core CPUs and GeForce GPUs, as well as the ultra-fast NVME SSD. Other highlights include the stylish all-metal chassis, White RGB intelligent lighting, and a super-cool auto-tilting keyboard.

When comparing the Zenbook Pro 16X to the MacBook Pro, the only real difference is the overall size. That said, both laptops are quite thin, weighing just 1.5 kg and 17 cm. However, the ZenBook Pro has a bigger screen, while the MacBook is a little bit smaller.