The Samsung UN32EH4000F Review

We have analyzed several aspects of the UN32EH4000F in this review. Some of these include its Common refresh rate 60Hz, LED edge-lit backlighting, and Lacks of video playback. The downsides that we found are summarized below. Moreover, we also looked at the pros and cons of its Connect Share USB input. So, read on to find out whether this 32-inch model is right for you.

LED edge-lit backlighting

The UN32EH4000F uses LED edge-lit backlighting to deliver consistent illumination in a curved ceiling. This design is highly effective for a wide range of lighting requirements and is ideal for large rooms. LED edge-lit panels can be quite expensive and have a shorter lifespan than backlit LED panels. But if you have a budget and are looking for a high-quality ceiling fixture, consider the UN32EH4000F.

The UN32EH4000F uses LED edge-lit backlighting, which is a great improvement over the 2011 models. However, be aware that the quality of blacks on a screen with edge-lit backlighting starts to fade when the angle of the viewing angle is increased to thirty degrees or more. Nevertheless, the blacks on this TV are deep, and the detail is good.

The 32EH4000F features LED edge-lit backlighting, which makes it highly effective for viewing movies in dark rooms. While the Toshiba 32C120U and Sony KDL32BX330 have traditional CCFL backlighting, the UN32EH4000F features LED edge-lit backlighting. This TV also features ConnectShare USB input and four pairs of 3D glasses.

The 32EH4000 series has similar features to the ES5000 series, but is smaller in size. This model offers the same advantages as the ES5000 series, including 60Hz processing and an ultra-thin black bezel. There are also five models of the UN32EH4000F. So, if you are looking for a new television, this model may be the right choice for you.

As the name implies, LED edge-lit backlighting is a type of edge-lit technology that utilizes LEDs positioned along the edge of the screen, which means that the screen is more dense than with a conventional fluorescent backlight. In contrast, edge-lit LED televisions are thinner than those with a full LED panel. That’s why most super-thin TVs are edge-lit.

Common refresh rate 60Hz

A Samsung 32-inch LED-backlit LCD television with a common refresh rate of 60Hz offers HD resolution and a satisfying picture quality. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the video and the more details it can display. Here, we compare the UN32EH4000 to its competition. While there is some overlap between the two models, we would still consider the Samsung a better buy.

There are two common refresh rates for 4K TVs, 60 Hz and 120 Hz. The numbers quoted above are not the actual refresh rates, but instead are calculated using image processing techniques. Most people will not notice much of a difference between 60Hz and 120Hz, and will simply be satisfied with the TV’s resolution and refresh rate. However, if you plan to buy a new TV, you should know this information.

Side angle viewing performance

This model comes with an edge-lit LED television, which means that it will perform well in side-angle viewing, with the exception of contrast. The 32EH4000 is no exception. Its black performance is excellent, but it starts to degrade around 30 degrees. However, the UN32EH4000’s black performance has improved compared to 2011 models, with the most noticeable improvement coming in detail, especially during dark scenes.

Lacks video playback

The UN32EH4000 series from Samsung is the entry-level model, with a “direct-lit” LED backlight that lacks local dimming but does include ConnectShare Movie, which lets you play media stored on USB drives on the television. A 1080p model is also available. Both series offer a surprisingly good combination of features and pricing. The UN32EH4000 is a 1080p LCD TV with “direct-lit” LED backlight.

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