The UN32D4003BH Review

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new laptop or if you’re trying to replace an old one, the UN32D4003BH is a great choice. It offers a lot of features, including a high-resolution display and LED backlighting. You’ll also get a good selection of ports and a powerful battery.

LED backlighting

Several display technologies use LED backlighting, including LCDs, LED televisions, LED monitors, ATMs, digital billboards, and fitness equipment. They are based on the same liquid crystal technology as other LCDs, but with the addition of an LED backlight. They have many benefits over other display technologies, including longer life and lower power consumption. LED backlighting also provides a brighter picture for HDR content. They can be dimmed with pulse-width modulation (PWM), which increases the perceived contrast ratio. PWM also drastically reduces power consumption.

LED backlighting on LCDs is made up of a number of LED bulbs arranged behind the screen. These bulbs can be arranged in a perimeter around the display edge to create a diffusion pattern, or they can be positioned at evenly spaced distances behind the screen. Most modern LED backlight solutions use a diffuser to spread light evenly behind the screen. This can be a problem when LED bulbs are placed in an unevenly spaced pattern, however. When the light source is evenly spaced, the brightness of the picture is maximized.

The most common form of LED backlighting involves clusters of ‘white’ LEDs. This is similar to CCFL sources, although there is an advantage in that white LEDs generate a broader spectrum of light. LED backlighting also uses phosphors, which provide red and green components of the image. The intensity of the red peak depends on the phosphor used. For example, KSF phosphors provide a characteristic triple peak of red energy.

A variety of phosphors can be used for LED backlighting. These include YAG, KSF, and KSV. They are applied in a variety of ways to improve color accuracy. They also help eliminate bleed-through, which occurs when light from one phosphor passes through another. The type of phosphor used can have a dramatic effect on the picture quality of LED backlit displays.

Some LCD panel manufacturers have improved the colour gamut of their LCDs. The GB-LED backlight from LG Display, for example, creates distinct spectral peaks for blue, green and red. It is designed to provide 98%+ Adobe RGB coverage. It is also used in LG AH-IPS panels and Samsung PLS panels.

Nanosys’ Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QD LED) is another alternative color gamut enhancement technology. It is similar to self-emissive QD LEDs, but it is more economical and can be implemented by manufacturers without having to purchase additional material.

LED backlighting on monitors typically uses a single blue diode, but some monitors feature ‘naked’ blue diodes that do not need separate phosphor treatment. However, a spectral imbalance remains a problem. Using a mixture of red and blue diodes in an RB-LED design helps reduce bleed-through and provides a wider colour gamut. The method has been used in several different LCD panel models, but requires a price premium.

Power cord

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