Top 5 Plasma TVs 2023

Choosing the right TV isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know much about it. You’ve probably heard about the newest OLED and plasma TVs, but what about other options? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!

Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD/PRO-70X5FD

Unlike most LED/LCD models, Sharp Elite sets have a full array of LED backlighting, resulting in excellent picture quality. These Elite HDTVs are ISF certified and feature local dimming. The 70-inch model, for example, has an estimated 600 local dimming zones.

Unlike many TVs, the Elite line of HDTVs also includes a THX video certification. This is one of the most rigorous video display certification systems on the market. It ensures that the display meets Rec. 709 colorimetry specifications.

The Elite line of HDTVs also incorporates Sharp’s new Intelligent Variable Contrast technology. This feature automatically adjusts brightness and contrast. It also provides depth and brilliance to scenes.

The Elite set has a lot of features, including a motion enhancement feature. The motion enhancement feature features four settings. These settings work together to amplify the motion of moving objects on the screen.

The Elite TV’s optical picture control sensor can detect motion within a frame and adjust the picture accordingly. This is a relatively new feature. The OSD has a half dozen logical sub-groups, making picture adjustment quick and easy. The OSD doesn’t run after non-use, which is a plus.

The Elite’s clear voice menu option boosts the volume of dialog. It also features a Netflix button, allowing you to view streaming pay TV content. There are two sets of composite A/V inputs, a VGA port, and an optical digital audio output. These ports are located on the back panel and are easy to reach.

The Elite TV also has a local-dimming LED backlight, which positions clusters of LEDs behind the screen for an impressive contrast ratio. The LEDs can be turned off if you want a black screen, or remain on if you want to see white lettering on credits.

The Elite TV has a unique OSD, which includes a half dozen logical sub-groups. The OSD makes picture adjustments fast and easy, and doesn’t run when the set is not being used. The Elite TV also has a Netflix button, which allows you to view streaming pay TV content.

The Elite’s remote has an intuitive layout and doesn’t feature remote control apps. Unlike some models, it includes a dedicated Netflix button.

Hisense U6GR

Compared to the Hisense U6H, the U6GR is a little more expensive, but offers better performance. The U6H still uses quantum dot technology, but does not offer the higher resolution or performance of the U6G.

Hisense TVs perform well in dark rooms, and they use a VA panel that provides deep blacks. However, their quality control issues can be a problem. They can also have problems with motion artifacts and color accuracy. You should take these into consideration when choosing a TV.

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Hisense TVs come in many different models, from budget to mid-range. Some of the cheaper models may not offer the high-end performance of the U6H, but they offer great value for the money. They are also competitive with more expensive brands in terms of features and spec.

The Hisense U6GR features HDR, which can give you an impactful experience. However, the picture quality may be compromised if the panel has a narrow viewing angle. Moreover, it can’t display 120Hz signals. Lastly, the U6GR has a great native contrast ratio, but the screen brightness is not consistently bright. This can vary from unit to unit.

Hisense TVs offer a smart platform, such as Google TV. They also have voice controls. The voice control can search for content, change inputs, and even open apps. These models also support eARC soundbars, which allow you to listen to your audio while watching your TV. You can even disable the mic if you prefer.

The U6GR supports Dolby Atmos signals. There is also an optional backlight strobing feature, which flickers at 60Hz. There is also a full-array local dimming feature, which enhances the contrast ratio. It also has a low input lag and a narrow viewing angle.

Hisense TVs are available in the US and UK. The models are competitive in terms of spec and price, and you can upgrade to a more advanced model if you want to. You can also find Hisense TVs in a variety of sizes, from 55-inches to 85-inches. Hisense NextGen TVs also support high dynamic range (HDR) and ATSC 3.0.

Hensense TVs also include FreeSync technology, which allows for variable refresh rate. These TVs can also fight glare in well-lit rooms, but the panel can sometimes suffer from motion artifacts.

Panasonic 64H5000

Featuring a 1080p high-speed pixel drive, the PN64H5000 delivers the same level of brightness as the company’s current 50-inch HD model. The VT and ZT models are also equipped with advanced anti-reflective filters to reject light from above.

The PN64H5000’s picture quality is good, but it’s a little short on smart TV features. It’s got two HDMI inputs, a USB input for firmware updates, and a few other gimmicks.

The PN64H5000’s design is a bit bare bones, but it’s a lot less expensive than its LCD or LED counterparts. A black plastic quadrapod stand has mixed reception. However, its bezels aren’t as thin as some of the competition.

It’s also not the first television to display an HD logo, but it’s one of the cheapest and most affordable 1080p models on the market. In Japan, where Panasonic first unveiled its 50-inch 1080p plasma TV in October 2005, the PN64H5000 is very well received. The VT and ZT models also feature advanced anti-reflective filters, which is the main reason they’re so affordable.

The PN64H5000’s other trumps include its color reproduction, which is good. It also has a decent amount of detail in dark scenes. Despite its modest design, the PN64H5000’s picture quality doesn’t hold back in terms of color accuracy.

Aside from its color reproduction, the PN64H5000’s other standout features include a 10-step grayscale adjustment, an independent 10-point white balance setting, and a Day and Night picture mode. It also has a 3-axis color management system. Unlike some of the cheaper displays, the PN64H5000’s color accuracy was pretty good, which is good for the price.

The PN64H5000’s small screen is not well suited for watching action movies. The PN64H5000’s blacks aren’t as deep as some of the competition, but they do the job. It’s also not the best television for bright sunlight.

The PN64H5000’s color reproduction is a bit better than the competition, but not as good as the best, and it’s not the best plasma TV on the market. While it’s still a good value option, it’s not as good as the latest OLEDs. In the end, you’re still going to have to decide whether the PN64H5000 is a good value or not.


Whether you’re a fan of movies or just a gamer, you may want to purchase an OLED TV. The new technology is able to provide true blacks, a high level of contrast, and near-perfect viewing angles. They’re especially good at pairing with HDR content.

Samsung is coming back to the OLED game after almost a decade away. The company’s S95B series of TVs are the first to combine OLED with quantum dots. They deliver the best contrast, and are perfect companions to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X or S.

LG’s 97-inch G2 Gallery Edition will be a display at IFA Berlin 2022. It features a flush-to-wall design and integrated look. It will be released to select markets worldwide. Its new processor and heat sink element will improve 4K HDR performance. It also comes with more HDMI 2.1 sockets. Its sound is weightier than rivals’, and the bundled Bravia CAM peeks over the top of the screen.

Sony’s A90J is an OLED TV that runs the Google TV operating system. The TV has a unique high-quality movie streaming app. It also features motion processing, which reduces banding and reduces the need for a stand. Despite its flaws, the TV is an excellent option for movies. It sounds better than most other TVs, and the 30W Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system is impressive.

LG’s C-series OLED TV has been the go-to pick of the company’s OLED range for several years. It comes in several sizes, including 42, 65, and 77 inches. It has an award-winning picture, but it’s not as bright as the larger models. However, it has a comprehensive app selection, and it offers an enhanced de-contouring feature. It also comes with a new panel, which promises increased brightness.

If you’re looking for an OLED TV with a lot of extra brightness, you’ll want to look at the LG G2. It’s the brightest standard OLED TV on the market, and it also has a new processor. It comes with a Dolby Vision game mode, and has a new heat sink element that allows it to perform even brighter.

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