UN19D4000ND Review

The UN19D4000ND is a 19-inch HDR gaming monitor with a Full-array backlighting system. Full-array backlighting allows for more dynamic colors, brighter highlights, and deeper shadows. This feature is especially useful when viewing HDR content.

Full array backlighting

Full array backlighting provides more even illumination across the entire panel, thereby making it possible to produce the best possible image quality, even in the most demanding viewing conditions. This technology has numerous advantages over direct-lit backlighting, which has its own disadvantages, such as elevated black levels. The full-array model uses multiple LED zones to control color contrast and brightness and provides a better image and color clarity.

Full array backlighting is the best option for LCD TVs, offering wide viewing angles, vivid colors, and high contrast. This technology also allows the TV to have local controls, meaning it can adjust the backlight intensity according to the content being displayed. However, full-array televisions are more expensive than direct-lit models, due to the large number of LEDs used in its backlighting system.

Average refresh rate

The UN19D4000 is a 19-inch LED-LCD television that features an average refresh rate of 60 Hz. The rate means that the image displayed on the screen is updated 60 times per second. We took a look at some of its main features and how they compare to other 19-inch TVs.

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