UN24H4500AF Review

The UN24H4500AF from Samsung is an LED backlit LCD television with a 24-inch screen. Its reviews have generally been positive, with users and experts rating the model well. In this UN24H4500AF review, you will learn more about the TV’s specs, video reviews, and tests. In addition, you will also find ratings of the Samsung UN24H4500AF from owners.

Samsung UN24H4500AF 24 inch LED-backlit LCD TV

The Samsung UN24H4500AF is a 24 inch LED-backlit LCD TV with built-in internet connectivity. It offers streaming video services and has an HD resolution. It also has a 120-Hz refresh rate, so the screen updates 120 times per second. This feature allows you to watch movies in high definition without sacrificing image quality.

The Samsung UN24H4500AF is equipped with an app store that offers an extensive selection of content. It also supports the Samsung Smart Hub and includes personalized suggestions and full web browsing capabilities. It also features Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which allows you to watch a wider spectrum of colors. This feature is especially useful for viewing older non-HD content. It also offers great motion clarity. This is made possible by its frame refresh rate, image processor speed, and backlight technology.

The Samsung UN24H4500AF features a Tizen OS-powered smart TV. Samsung is concentrating on developing software that drives its smart TVs. One such innovation is its first Quantum Dot OLED display (S95B), which uses blue OLED panels and quantum dots to create an image with more accurate colors. It also has new gaming features, including a 144Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all ports. In addition, Samsung has expanded its Lifestyle TV lineup with a number of new models, including the Frame, Serif, and Sero.

The Samsung UN24H4500AF 24 inch QLED is an excellent choice for mid-range buyers. While it’s expensive, it provides good to excellent picture quality and has an abundance of gaming features.

Video reviews

The Samsung UN24H4500AF is a 24 inch LED-backlit LCD TV that features a Smart feature that lets you stream videos and view photos. It features an HD resolution and fast 120 Hz refresh rate. The high refresh rate helps it display images and videos with great clarity. However, it falls short of some of its competitors, such as the Sony NSX-24GT1, which has a higher resolution and refresh rate.


We performed a variety of tests to evaluate the color accuracy of the UN24H4500AF. Our test results showed that it performed reasonably well for a midrange monitor. It produced a mean gamma of 2.31 out of the box, which is good enough for a small room. However, for a more darkened home theater, we would recommend lowering the gamma setting to -1.

For more complex tests, we suggest that you consult the manual. If you do not find the solution in the manual, try to describe your issue in detail. Providing a detailed svar will help us diagnose the problem quickly. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting Samsung’s support team.

Although the picture quality isn’t spectacular, the H4500 is still one of the best-looking $200 televisions. It looks quite small next to a reference model, but it does produce good color reproduction and a deep black level. Although the 24-inch 720p resolution is less detailed than 1080p plasma, the UN24H4500AF performs above its weight class.

Black uniformity

Whether you are a gamer, designer, or photographer, black uniformity is essential to ensuring a smooth viewing experience. A black uniformity test on your monitor will help you determine how the screen will render black content. The test can also reveal any issues with backlight bleed, clouding, or dimming.

Power supply

Whether you are replacing the power supply in your UN24H4500AF or looking to upgrade your current power supply, you can use the Samsung UN24H4500AF AC DC Power Supply Cord to get the job done. This power cord is made with an integrated surge protector that helps protect your equipment from unstable AC inputs and indirect electric shock.

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