UN27D4000NM Review

In this UN27D4000NM review, we’ll discuss the UN27D4000NM, UN28H4000AF, UN29F4000AF, and UN32B6000VF. Each of these units has its pros and cons, so it’s important to learn all about each before making your final decision.


In this UN27D4000NM review, I’ll go over the main features of this projector. The screen is a 27-inch LED panel with a wide viewing angle. Samsung’s LED technology allows for lower energy consumption and thinner frames. In addition, LEDs do not require local dimming. Both models offer an excellent contrast ratio and good color response.


The Samsung UN28H4000AF is a 28-inch widescreen LED HDTV with a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1. This allows you to enjoy deep blacks and a wide variety of hues. It also features a Clear Motion Rate 120 for smooth, action-packed movement. This television is perfect for anyone looking for a basic, cost-effective television.


The Samsung UN29F4000AF is a 29-inch LED HDTV with widescreen viewing angle. It comes with a Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology that expands and enhances the color spectrum. This feature is especially useful for older films and content that isn’t HD.

This television also offers good side viewing angles. It has a 30 degree viewing angle, which is about average for a LCD or LED television. This isn’t a big deal, though, considering that most broadcasts, cable programming, and video games are in 720p. That means the UN29F4000AF review isn’t too negative.


For a small TV, the Samsung UN32B6000VF offers excellent picture quality, especially in standard definition. We noticed no noticeable color degradation when the TV was connected to a DVD source. Even shots of grass and stairs came out clear and crisp. In addition, it managed to eliminate jaggies and noise from low-quality video sources. Finally, we were impressed with its performance in the 2:3 pull-down test.

The UNB6000 features edge-lit LED backlighting. It is thinner than its B7000 series counterparts, which makes it ideal for flush wall mounting. It also features a transparent pedestal that suspends the television from the stand. The UNB6000 is also lighter than its competitors. This makes it easier to set up on a stand and can run at a cooler temperature than other models.

In addition to its excellent picture quality, the UNB6000VF offers good dejudder processing, sleek styling, and extensive picture controls. It is energy-efficient and has a large panel. However, it is also expensive. Furthermore, the TV’s image is not as uniform as that of other LCDs. Its off-angle viewing is also lacking.

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