UN28H4500AF Review

The average user rates the Samsung UN28H4500AF 4500 at 4.4/5 stars. Many users are satisfied with its performance, but some complain about glare and the black uniformity. The replacement remote that came with the TV also works with this television. For more information, please read the UN28H4500AF review. We hope you enjoy our UN28H4500AF review! Have you tried it? Do you have any questions about it?

Black uniformity of the M4500 is sub-par

The gray uniformity of the M4500 is disappointing, especially in the lower corners. The right side of the screen appears brighter than the rest of the screen, and the top and bottom edges are both slightly brighter. There is also an effect known as dirty screen. The M4500 doesn’t perform particularly well with movies, though. This means that you’ll have to resort to watching them on a TV or monitor.

Samsung replacement remote works with the UN28H4500AF

A Samsung replacement remote for your television will work seamlessly with this television and is the perfect solution for anyone with a broken original remote. This replacement remote is made to match the exact specifications of your UN28H4500AF television and works with the same batteries and controls as the original Samsung TV. The One For All Replacement Remote works like an original Samsung remote and requires only 2 AAA batteries to operate. It also features a learning function, so you won’t need to learn complicated functions, which is an important factor if you’re purchasing one of these TV remotes. It is compatible with most Samsung TV models, including the latest Smart TVs.

The user manual for your universal remote should contain the codes you need to pair the remote to your Samsung TV. If the remote comes with a Samsung instruction manual, look for the code 0101 on the manual. In some cases, it will have different codes. If the remote is not listed in the manual, try using the universal remote to connect your TV and other devices. It should work the first time.

M4500 gray uniformity is disappointing

The M4500’s gray uniformity is disappointing. The screen’s corners are darker than the center of the screen, and the top and bottom edges are brighter. This causes the screen to appear dirty. It also causes vertical lines to be slightly more visible than on the rest of the screen. Here’s a look at how the M4500’s gray uniformity compares to its competitors. You’ll notice that the top and bottom edges are brighter than the rest of the screen, and the right side of the screen is also brighter than the left.

Samsung’s M4500 has a very basic design. It lacks the nice touches found on higher-end models. The M5300, for example, has textured borders and metallic colored feet. The stand on the M4500 is stable and wide. The M4500’s rear also looks similar to the M5300’s, but it supports VESA for wall mounting. Some inputs are hard to access.

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