UN32D4003BH Review

If you’re in the market for a new powered speaker, the UN32D4003BH might be the one for you. With a 90-degree angle, it’s a perfect fit for most electronic devices. It works especially well with computers and home theater systems. This review will cover some of the key features of this device and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.

LED backlighting on UN32D4003BH displays

UN32D4003BH displays have LED backlighting, allowing users to adjust brightness and reduce glare. They also support HDR content, which means more natural colors. This type of display is ideal for people who use their monitor for computer work. It’s also compatible with Ue55ku6509uxzg, Ue40k6370suxzg, and Ue43ku6500.

HQRP UN32D4003BH Figure-8 AC Power Cord

This HQRP UN32D4003BH figure-8 AC power cord is intended for direct power supply from an AC DC Power Adapter to an electronic device. Its warranty period is 200 days. It applies only to the original invoiced customer and the warranty is not transferable. Moreover, the maximum liability of the seller is limited to the purchase price of the product and excludes special, consequential, or punitive damages.


There are different models of UN32D4003BH, including the Un19d4003BD, UN19d5003BH, and UN32D4003BH. Depending on their features, they are also referred to as Un32eh4000F, UN32eh5000F, and UN32es6100f.

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