UN32EH4000F Review

This UN32EH4000F review will explore some of the key aspects of this 32″ LED HDTV. Topics covered will include black level, dejudder mode, and edge-lit backlighting. The video quality is also discussed, so you’ll know what to expect from the picture.


The Samsung UN32EH4000F 32″ HDTV is a great option for those looking for a quality LED TV. It features two HDMI ports and one USB port, as well as component video input. Its 720p resolution and ConnectShare Movie technology make it a great option for viewing movies. Samsung has also made this TV incredibly user-friendly, with an excellent user interface and an amazing viewing experience.

LED edge-lit backlighting

The UN32EH4000F’s LED backlighting system uses an array of LEDs to produce the screen’s illumination. These bulbs are positioned around the edge of the display panel to provide even illumination across the whole display. Edge-lit LEDs produce more uniform illumination but the downside is that they can be susceptible to yellowing and overheating.

To overcome these problems, LED edge-lit TVs use a voltage-doubler DC-DC converter. One of the most popular solutions is the voltage-doubler boost converter. This converter shows the topological stages that occur during the switching cycle and the ideal waveforms.

An edge-lit TV’s edge-lit panel is comparatively cheaper than its back-lit counterpart. However, it uses more power, is thicker, and produces a lower-quality image than a back-lit television. Therefore, it may not be a good choice for large rooms.

In a side-by-side comparison between the two technologies, full-array LED is clearly the better technology for picture quality. But edge-lit TVs also benefit from being much thinner than a full-array LED. In fact, most super-thin TVs use edge-lit LED technology.

Full-matrix LED backlighting is more efficient than edge-lit backlighting. The LEDs are more evenly spaced across the back of the display. The backlight also uses a diffuser panel that diffuses the light, resulting in a uniform backlight. In addition, local dimming means different areas of the screen can be turned off, improving contrast and overall black levels.

60Hz dejudder mode

While Samsung’s UN32EH4000F has a native resolution of 720p, it also supports 1080p signals, making it an excellent choice for a small-screen PC. The display is equipped with full-array LED lamps, which outperform CCFL backlights. However, LEDs do not necessarily mean better picture quality, so be sure to test the display for yourself before buying it.

The Samsung UN32EH4000F has no fancy features, but the picture quality is very good for the price. It has simple controls and a good anti-judder mode. The display also has a slim piano black bezel, and it’s surprisingly light.

When watching movies, judder is the result of the refresh rate being too high. A standard film frame rate is 24 frames per second. When a television uses 60Hz, the video software detects the incoming signal and repeats frames that have already been seen by the eye.

Black level

The black level of the UN32EH4000F is very good, making it one of the best televisions in its size range. The shadow effect is also impressive, providing crystal clear and deep images. It also has easy-to-pronounce colour settings. Unlike other TVs with dimmer switches, the UN32EH4000F doesn’t need to be turned on to see its effect.

In addition to the manual, the UN32EH4000F has a FAQ section and can answer questions from owners. The Samsung UN32EH4000F doesn’t have a swivel stand, but it’s still very light and thin.

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