UN40EH5000F Review

In our UN40EH5000F review, we’ll take a look at the Viewing angles, Color performance, Price, and USB port. We’ll also take a look at the design and build quality, as well as the remote control. You’ll be able to get to most controls quickly with the tools key. If you like to play around with the menu, the UN40EH5000F also has a handy tools key that lets you access commonly used controls.

Viewing angles

When you’re looking for an LED screen, viewing angles are a critical part of the buying process. This number tells you how wide the viewing angle can be, both horizontally and vertically. For example, if the screen has a 120/160 viewing angle, you can expect image visibility up to 160 degrees horizontally. If the screen is more than 30 feet above the floor, this number will tell you how far the screen can be viewed without losing quality.

Color performance

The color performance of the UN40EH5000F is quite good. The picture is dimmer than that of other large LED-backlit displays, but that is expected because the LED edge lights are toned down. The screen’s strong picture quality and realistic colors make it a solid choice for those who want to watch movies, television shows, or play games on the big screen. Here’s a look at the specs.

At just under $500, this model is a great buy. However, it does suffer from a glossy finish, which can negatively affect the picture quality, especially in a bright room. It also includes 2 HDMI ports, which are helpful if you plan to connect a Blu-ray player. If you’re not concerned about color performance, there are other positives. This model also comes with two HDMI ports, which is a great feature, but the Samsung UN40EH5000F is our pick for $500 and under.


The UN40EH5000F is a 40-inch widescreen 1080p LED HDTV from Samsung. It is available with two HDMI inputs and a 60-Hz refresh rate. It delivers stunning image quality with realistic details. It has a price of $378. Its specifications include a built-in digital tuner, two HDMI inputs, and cable and component inputs. The price is very competitive when compared to other brands’ similar products.

The UN40EH5000F does not have Smart TV features, but it is priced competitively with other models with the same resolution. It is easy to mount on a standard tabletop stand and has VESA-compatible mounting options. It also has a USB port, so it is convenient for connecting external devices. If you’re buying a new TV for a guest bedroom or an office, the UN40EH5000F may be the ideal choice.

USB port

The Samsung UN40EH5000F is a 40-inch LED HDTV with a 120Hz motion rate and a full 1080p resolution. It has two HDMI ports and a USB port. For extra connectivity, the TV also has an Ethernet port and a Blu-ray player port. For a price of $378, the UN40EH5000F is a solid buy. If you’re looking for a cheap LED TV, you can get a 32-inch model with a lower price.

The UN40EH5000F is available for $378 on Amazon, a price that makes it very competitive with the most expensive models from Sony, LG, and Vizio. Its resolution is only 720p, so don’t expect to be blown away by the picture quality, but it is nice for an office or guest bedroom. And it has a USB port for charging your computer. So what’s not to love?

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