UN40KU6300F Review

In this UN40KU6300F review, we’ll cover a few important aspects to keep in mind when making your decision. We’ll discuss the color gamut, Black levels, contrast, and more. And, of course, Amazon Alexa compatibility. Read on to find out more about this high-end LED TV!

Color gamut

Color gamut is an important factor in selecting a television and the UN40KU6300F meets this criterion. While it can reach reds and greens, it leans more towards blue. However, it can produce more accurate whites and cyans, as well as extend the magenta range.

The KU6300’s color gamut is not as wide as some other models, but it is sufficient for most casual video viewing. However, it does not come with a high-end scaler. This means that it won’t be compatible with 4K content unless the source supports it.

Black levels

The black levels of a television are a crucial aspect of picture quality. The deeper the blacks on a TV are, the greater the level of contrast. Deeper black levels make colours appear more vibrant next to true blacks. This also makes the brightest parts of images stand out more.

This TV has a mediocre black level, and it doesn’t offer the best contrast or color range. However, it is capable of showing HDR content. It also features Full Array Local Dimming (FALD), which separates the screen into separate zones to minimize light leakage. This method has been proven to help improve the black levels on TVs.

The polarizing filter on most new LED televisions is supposed to minimize annoying glare and light artifacts. However, this method isn’t always enough to achieve optimal black levels. It may also cause halo effects, flash-lighting, and clouding in dark areas of the screen. These problems are not easily solved by changing the black level in the HDMI connection.


The UN40KU6300F delivers decent contrast, but it’s not perfect. This monitor has some limitations, including a narrow color gamut that makes darker indoor scenes look washed out. The LG KU6300’s color accuracy is also limited. It leans more towards blue than it does towards red or green. Its UH8500 series, however, offers better whites, cyans, and magenta.

Samsung Smart TV platform

The Samsung Smart TV platform UN40KU6300 is a great way to enjoy streaming content on your TV. With its 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, you can see everything in crystal clear detail. The display also features a common refresh rate of 120 Hz, which gives you a more realistic motion experience.

The UN40KU6300’s Smart Hub provides access to live TV, streaming content, and apps. It requires an Internet connection to operate. It also allows you to play games without the use of a console. It also features a cutting-edge touchpad to guide you around the Smart TV.

The UN40KU6300F has a screen diagonal of 101.6 cm and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It also features three HDMI ports and two USB ports. It also has an Ethernet port and can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Samsung has several different smart TV platforms. Some are open-source and are used by multiple manufacturers. Other ones have OEM licenses and can be used by many manufacturers. The Tizen OS platform was developed by Samsung and Intel. It supports Android apps and is based on the HTML5 application framework. It also supports Kodi and other cross-platform media platforms.

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