UN46B8000XF Review

This UN46B8000XF review will take a look at the technical specifications of this Samsung television. We’ll discuss features like Auto Motion Plus technology, SRS TruSurround HD, and LED backlighting. We’ll also discuss the manufacturer’s warranty and its customer support options.

LED backlighting

This LED television is not a cheap one, but it is a surprisingly good value for money. It has a 1.2″ depth, LED backlighting, and Internet connectivity. It is comparable to the Sony KDL-46XBR8, which has a local dimming LED backlight and a higher contrast ratio. It is also a bit thinner, with an all-round picture that is excellent.

The Samsung UN46B8000XF combines sleek design with cutting-edge technology for a high-quality picture. Its LED backlighting makes the picture look incredibly vibrant and crisp, and the reflective acrylic highlight gives the cabinet an elegant picture-frame look. This TV’s depth is only about an inch, so it will fit easily under most shelves.

This television also comes with Ethernet, PC input, and optical digital audio. It also uses 40% less power than its LCD counterparts, while providing brighter images. While it’s not the best TV in the world, it is a lot better than the competition at its price range.

Auto Motion Plus technology

Auto Motion Plus technology on the UN46B8000XF is a feature that adds extra frames to films and broadcasts. This allows for smoother movements and a better overall picture quality. The Auto Motion Plus technology can be turned on and off manually. You can also choose to watch broadcasts without Auto Motion Plus by selecting “Normal broadcast mode.”

The Auto Motion Plus technology is built into many televisions made by Samsung. This feature aims to increase the picture quality of broadcasts and films by adding frames that slow down translation. This makes the picture smoother and more precise. The Auto Motion Plus technology on the UN46B8000XF is controlled through the Expert Settings menu.

If you want to turn off the soap opera effect, you can disable this feature in the Auto Motion Plus menu. You can also adjust the blur effect in the Advanced Video settings if you are concerned about it. If you have a slow internet connection, you should turn off the Auto Motion Plus feature to improve your video quality.

The Auto Motion Plus technology on the UN46B8000XF provides superior picture quality, especially during fast-motion scenes. Its 240Hz refresh rate provides the highest possible picture clarity and smoothest motion on an LCD television. It also offers Internet at TV functionality and a clear blue/grey bezel finish.

Analog AV inputs

The Samsung UN46B8000XF is a 46-inch television that comes with four HDMI inputs and a composite video input. The HDMI inputs offer “CEC” control, which allows you to control compatible Samsung components from one place. This eliminates the need for a remote repeater system. The composite video input also doubles as an analog AV input. Crutchfield Learning Center offers more information on connecting HDMI and composite video components.

SRS TruSurround HD

In this SRS TruSurround HD UN46BT7000XF review, we’ll examine the benefits of this multichannel format processing technology. This technology uses the television’s built-in speakers to generate an immersive surround-sound experience, delivering deep bass and clear dialogue. In addition, the TV includes a USB port, which lets you plug in headphones or other audio devices.

This HDTV comes with an ultra-clear panel, 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and two ten-watt SRS speakers. It also has a 240 Hz refresh rate and QAM tuner for NTSC and ATSC signals. It has a wide color range, so you’ll enjoy movies with all the details and clarity you’ve come to expect.

Slim design

With a thin, angular design, the 46-inch UN46B8000XF is one of the best-looking monitors on the market. The resolution of the screen is 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz, and the monitor has a 10W x 2-watt stand. Its dimensions are 44.5 x 10.9 x 29.8 inches, and its weight is 53.4 lbs. / 24.03 kg.

The slim design of this LED-backlit LCD display from Samsung is both attractive and highly functional. It features a Samsung Crystal finish and is only 29mm deep at its deepest point. Other features of this TV include a variety of connections and a great viewing angle. Overall, the UN46B8000XF is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable HDTV.

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