UN46C6400RF Review

In this UN46C6400RF review, we will take a look at some of the highlights and features of this gaming monitor. We will also talk about its Auto Motion Plus feature, its Native 120Hz panel, and how you can select Apps. We will also discuss the screen’s picture modes.

Auto Motion Plus feature

The UN46C6400RF has an Auto Motion Plus feature that makes your video game player’s movements look more graceful. This feature works by replacing the blur in a fast-moving scene with an extra frame. The Auto Motion Plus feature is particularly helpful when you are watching sports or playing video games. With the Auto Motion Plus feature turned on, you can also choose a number of different settings to optimize your viewing experience.

The UN46C6400 is an LED HDTV with a 46″ frame and an ultra-slim design. Its Auto Motion 120Hz refresh technology produces crisper videos and animation scenes without blur. With a full 1080p resolution, it also has an ATSC and Clear QAM tuner.

The UN46C6400RF has an Auto Motion Plus feature that allows you to choose when it should be enabled or disabled. Auto Motion Plus is especially useful for gamers because it helps make game animation smoother and reduces input lag. In addition, the “Auto” setting allows you to adjust the refresh rate to the video game you’re playing.

The UN46C6400RF has a variety of settings for Auto Motion Plus, including low, medium, and high. Toggling between these settings is also possible manually. However, this feature is not recommended for slow-paced films, as the auto motion feature tends to leave behind six frames.

Unlike other models of televisions, the Samsung UN46C6400RF’s Auto Motion Plus feature does not repeat frames. It creates six unique frames, and it regenerates them to make the motion look smoother. In addition, the Auto Motion Plus feature offers slider controls for brightness and color.

Native 120Hz panel

The UN46C6400RF features a Native 120Hz panel, which means that you can watch 120 fps content without the need for a refresh rate increase. This is a useful feature for gamers, as they can play games at higher frame rates. The panel is also compatible with HDMI 2.1, which supports video signal at a higher refresh rate.

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