UN46C6500VF Review

If you’re looking for a new television set, it may be time to read this UN46C6500VF review. We’ll take a look at color accuracy, Black levels, and the Setup menu. We’ll also talk about the Eco settings and other features. You can also read our UN46C6500VF review by using the mouse.

Color accuracy

The Sony UNC6500VF’s color accuracy was good in most scenes, but there were a few flaws. The screen tended to show a bluish cast in darker scenes. This is likely the result of the display’s primary color shifting toward blue. It was particularly noticeable in black and near-black shadows.

While the UNC6500VF is significantly cheaper than rival edge-lit models, it delivered image quality that was on par with other edge-lit models. It also offered deeper black levels but was unspectacular overall. Overall, the UNC6500VF had excellent color accuracy, but its typical flaws prevented it from becoming the best TV on the market.

Black levels

The UNC6500VF is a hybrid dimmer that is significantly cheaper than other edge-lit models. Its image quality is very similar to other edge-lit models, with slightly deeper black levels. Although its black levels are not particularly impressive, the color accuracy is solid, particularly in the brighter areas. The Samsung UNC6500VF has a few characteristic flaws, but overall, it offers good performance for its price.

One way to improve the black levels of UN46C6500VF is to open the iris of the projector. During dark scenes, the iris closes, blocking the light and making the image appear darker. The black levels are also determined by the contrast ratio, which is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of the image.

Setup menu

The Setup menu on the UN46C6500VF lets you change the picture and sound quality. You can select between mono or stereo sound, and can adjust the color temperature. You can also adjust the white balance, adjust the contrast, and adjust the sharpness of images. The display also has an AllShare feature for wireless media transfer. In addition, it supports Anynet+ for one-touch control of connected devices.

Eco menu

The Eco menu on the UN46C6500VF is a useful feature that will help you save energy. It has six different options for power saving. For example, you can switch to Energy Saving mode when you’re watching a movie and turn the screen off when no signal is detected for a specified amount of time. Another option is to turn on Eco Sensor to automatically adjust the picture based on ambient light.

Value for money

Value for money with UN46C6500VG is a score out of 10. Its score is based on 17 user reviews. The rating is based on the product’s features and price, with 10 being the best value. The standard differential is 2.72, which means that the product is priced at an average price compared to other models in its category.

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