UN46C6500VF Review

In this UN46C6500VF review, we’ll talk about its image quality, Color accuracy, and Setup menu. We’ll also discuss its Value for money. If you’re looking for a television that offers a lot for the money, this is a good choice. The 46C6500VF’s price is very reasonable, and it’s a great value. We hope this review has been helpful to you in making an informed purchase decision.

Image quality

The Samsung UNC6500VF has a great feature set and an attractive minimalist design that’s easy to use. Its image quality is on par with other edge-lit TVs. The black levels are deeper than the average edge-lit TV, but overall black levels aren’t spectacular. While color accuracy is good in bright areas, it does have some typical flaws. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a new TV.

The image quality of the UN46C6500VF is similar to that of the UN46C6500, despite having a slightly larger screen. The contrast ratio is also similar, which is great for watching sports. The Samsung UN46C6500VF has a 46-inch screen and similar specs. Both models are likely to have a comparable picture quality. Despite their differences, the UN46C6500VF offers an impressive value for the money.

Color accuracy

The color accuracy of the UN46C6500VF was good for most scenes. However, there were a few problems with color, especially in the darker scenes. There was a bluish tint that we noticed in dark areas, perhaps due to a shift in the primary color, red, toward blue. This cast remained even in brighter areas. In addition, the black areas were noticeably bluish and shadows were nearly black.

Fortunately, the UNC6500VF costs far less than the more expensive local dimming models. This model had image quality that was on par with edge-lit models, but it had unspectacular overall black levels. Overall color accuracy was decent, with solid accuracy in bright areas. Despite these characteristics, it showed its typical flaws. While the color accuracy of UN46C6500VF was excellent for most scenes, it lacked depth in dark areas and was inconsistent in bright areas.

Setup menu

The set up menu of the UN46C6500VF enables users to customize its settings. It has four picture modes and four color temperature presets. There are also controls for RGB gain and RGB offset. The model also features an advanced color management system. This allows for precise color management. Other features include adjustments for shadow detail and fleshtone. The TV can also automatically turn off after a certain amount of time when no signal is present.

Value for money

The UN46C6500VF from Samsung is a 46-inch television with identical specs. It also comes with Screen Fit mode, which lets you change the aspect ratio of the screen. Both TVs are also equipped with HDMI. The downside is a shallow cabinet depth and a lack of audio inputs. However, the upsides are that the UNC6500VF has plenty of HDMI inputs and two USB ports, and it can also be ordered with a Wi-Fi dongle.

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