UN46C7000WF Review – A Comparison Between the Samsung UN46C7000WF and the Sony KDL46HX850

In this UN46C7000WF review, we compare the Samsung UN46C7000WF and the Sony KDL46HX850. We also discuss the price and picture quality of these two televisions. This article can help you decide which is the better option for your needs. We hope you find it useful.

Samsung UN46C7000WF review

If you’re looking for a new television that doesn’t break the bank, the Samsung UN46C7000WF may be the one to buy. This lower-cost model should give you excellent performance at a low price. The online content library is lacking, but Samsung has promised to expand it in the near future. The color reproduction of the Samsung UN46C7000WF is excellent, but it’s not quite as deep as the Panasonic. This results in a higher overall contrast ratio.

The internet feature set comes with dedicated buttons for InternetTV, Yahoo Widgets, and 3D TV. You can even use voice commands to navigate the menu. You can also use the built-in Bixby virtual assistant to control your other Samsung devices. The TV remote comes with a first-time setup guide that helps you get set up quickly. The remote also scans for channels and offers options for language, cable/antenna, and date.

The Samsung UN46C7000WF has a 46-inch 1080p LED screen. It supports 3D, but you’ll need active shutter 3D glasses to view the picture in full 3D. It also has many smart features and can connect to your home network or Internet. This will allow you to stream movies, sports, music, and more. It also supports multiple internet-based apps, such as Netflix and Pandora. Some of these services require a paid subscription. Others are available for free.

The Samsung UN46C7000WF features a 3D capability and can display 720p, 1080i, and 1080p high definition signals in 3D. It also offers a feature for conventional 2-D programming. The most impressive results can be obtained from Blu-ray 3-D movies and 3-D games. You’ll also need 3-D glasses to view these movies. The UN46C7000WF is a very versatile TV.

The touch-sensitive onboard controls on the Samsung UN55C7000WF are a big plus. However, they are located on highly polished plastic, which attracts fingerprints. The controls are also large, arranged in an L-shape on the right side of the screen.

Samsung UN46C7000 vs Sony KDL46HX850

If you are looking to buy a 46 inch TV, the Samsung UN46C7000WF is a great choice. It features Full HD resolution for a moderate price. Its fast refresh rate of 240Hz provides excellent image quality. Let’s see how this LCD compares to its rivals.

The first thing to consider is the quality of picture. Although Samsung has long been the market leader, Sony has been gaining ground over the last few years. Both brands produce very different sets. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, and this is something you should bear in mind when comparing the two.


The UN46C7000WF is a 46-inch LED TV with 3D capability and internet connectivity. It comes with features such as Wide Color Enhancer for reducing blur during action sequences. It also has two ten-watt speakers. It also supports AnyNet Plus, ConnectShare Movie, and game mode. Some of these features require a paid subscription, but there is a wide variety of free content available.

Picture quality

The Samsung UN46C7000WF is a 46-inch 1080p LED television with internet connectivity and 3D compatibility. It also has two ten-watt speakers and a Wide Color Enhancer that helps to reduce blurring during action scenes. Its other features include ConnectShare Movie and Game Mode.

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