UN46C8000XF Review

In this UN46C8000XF review, we’ll discuss the performance, price, and features of this monitor. We’ll also discuss the Apps platform. While there are other options available, we recommend the UN46C8000XF for its superior price-performance ratio. However, you should understand the basics of its features first.


The UN46C8000XF has a black bezel with Touch of Color technology and an 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, which means you can enjoy vivid colors and details in both light and dark areas. The contrast ratio also works for both 3D and standard 2D content, so you can get the 3-D effect from standard 2D programming. Of course, if you’re going to use this TV with a 3-D source, you will need 3-D glasses.

The UN46C8000XF has a true 240Hz refresh rate, and its Auto Motion Plus menu allows for more customization than in previous models. You can select from off, standard, smooth, and custom modes, which adjust de-judder and blur reduction functions to your preferences. We’ll talk about performance in a moment.

The UN46C8000XF supports a variety of multimedia files, including photos. You can playback these files using the USB ports. To start the playback process, you need to select the media type and the file you want to play. After selecting the file, a thumbnail of the photos will appear on the screen. There are also options to control the slide shows.

The UN46C8000XF also comes with an Internet connection, which is helpful for streaming content. You can also use 3D Active Glasses to enjoy 3D content on the screen. The UN46C8000XF can also be connected to other home electronic devices. With this feature, you can connect your favorite digital content to the TV and watch it in 3D in real time.


The Samsung UN46C8000XF features a healthy helping of video processing features. Its Internet connectivity and Samsung Apps give users access to popular services. The TV also supports USB 2.0 Movie, which lets you play digital content on it. This television also has a simulated surround sound feature.

This model has a 46-inch frame and edge LED lighting. It also features Samsung’s Precision Dimming technology, which enables different LED zones to react to on-screen content, resulting in better overall contrast and deeper blacks. Other features of the UN46C8000XF include the Samsung Internet@TV portal, Skype functionality, and an optional USB camera.


Performance of UN46C8000XF can be assessed by using a color-temperature standard. Its display was tested using two presets for movies: Movie and Warm 2. The UN46C8000 recorded an average reading of +158 K against the 6,500-K standard. It also offers a 10-point White Balance menu. Using the menu helped to even out low grayscale nonlinearity, but it did not affect the higher-brightness test patterns.

The Samsung UN46C8000XF uses a sophisticated edge-lit LED lighting system. This technology allows individual LED zones to respond to on-screen content to create deeper blacks and improved contrast. Other features include Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology and a Samsung Internet@TV portal. In addition, it offers Skype functionality and an optional USB camera.

The UN46C8000XF also features 3D technology. This technology makes watching a 3D movie or show seem larger than life. The included 3D Active Glasses sync with the TV to convert it into 3D in real-time. It is also compatible with multiple PCs, making it compatible with many different media sources.

The UN46C8000XF’s color temperature showed an improvement compared to the UN55C7000, which was only slightly worse than the former. In contrast, the UN55C7000 also showed a slight edge in the RGB tests, though the differences were not as marked. Despite this slight improvement in contrast, the UN46C8000XF had a poorer viewing angle.

Apps platform

One of the big wins for the UN46C8000XF is the Samsung Apps platform. This platform allows you to easily access the apps you need on your phone. This platform can also play videos. It also has a USB port that can play back photos. The user interface allows you to choose a file type or browse thumbnails of your photos. It also has options to control slide shows.

This new television also includes Internet connectivity. The Apps platform can open access to popular services. It syncs with other devices in your house, allowing you to watch digital content from the internet or stream it from your computer. You can also sync your mobile phone with the TV through Samsung Apps.

Auto Motion Plus 240Hz menu

The Auto Motion Plus 240Hz menu on the UN46C8000XF gives you the ability to adjust the refresh rate of the picture for different content. For example, it will switch from 120 Hz to 240 Hz when viewing 2D content. For 3D content, this feature will need active shutter glasses to work properly. Samsung’s technology repeats a frame nine times for a 240 Hz source. For a 120 Hz source, the TV will refresh by using a combination of dark and repeated frames. To adjust the settings, simply choose the option that you want to use.

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