UN46D6000SH Review – Luminosity Sensor, Color Accuracy, Smart TV Apps, and Price

This UN46D6000SH review focuses on the Luminosity sensor and Color accuracy of this model. It also considers the Smart TV Apps and price. If you are looking for an excellent LED television that is inexpensive and provides excellent color fidelity, then look no further. The UN46D6000SH is a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

Color accuracy

The UN46D6000SH is capable of delivering excellent color reproduction. Its Luminosity sensor is rated at 595 nits, and its color fidelity is acceptable to 50% of human observers. The display’s color accuracy is unaffected by a number of environmental factors, though the accuracy of LEDs or tungsten light sources may affect the overall accuracy of the display.

Luminosity sensor

The Luminosity sensor for UN46d6000SH is a sensor that gives meaningful data about light. There are many uses for light sensors. For example, they can be used to monitor the damage that sunlight can do to paintings and photographs. They are also helpful for monitoring older works of art. They can also help you monitor power usage by allowing you to dim the display and save energy.

The TSL2561 luminosity sensor uses a combination of visible and infrared light sensors to measure illumination. This makes it more accurate and more sensitive than inexpensive CdS cells. It is also adjustable for different gain/timing ranges, so it can detect light from 0.1 to 40,000+ Lux. In addition, the TSL2561 contains full spectrum diodes that can measure human-visible light.

In order to measure illuminance, a light sensor must measure the amount of light that falls on a solid surface. In other words, it must know the area that is lit and how far the light is from the surface of the solid. The illuminance will decrease as the sensor moves away from a constant light source.

Smart TV Apps

If you want to download Smart TV apps for UN46D6000SH, there are plenty to choose from. Samsung sticks with Tizen as its user interface, so you won’t find some apps on other models. That said, Samsung’s SmartThings platform gives you access to all of its products, including third-party accessories. It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

To update your apps, go to the TV’s menu and select Settings. Click the settings gear icon and switch the Auto Update button to On. This will automatically update your apps when new versions become available. You can also choose to add or remove specific apps from the home screen of your UN46D6000SH.

To use Xfinity Stream, you’ll need to link your Xfinity account to the device. After you’ve done that, open the Xfinity Stream app from the Samsung Hub or LG Content stores. You can also access the Xfinity Stream app through the main menu.

In addition to the apps, you’ll find an easy-to-use webOS platform. It is a great way to browse apps and use the TV’s many features. In addition, it comes with LG’s Magic Remote, which uses a point-and-press feature to allow you to browse through apps and menus.

Smart TV apps for UN46D6000SH include Google Play Movies, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. However, these services do not support flash videos that are DRM-protected. It also doesn’t support live streams and movies. You can watch YouTube videos from the Internet by using YouTube on your UN46D6000SH, but you’ll need to play the video on your phone or iPad before it can be cast to the TV.


When shopping for UN46D6000SH, you can choose from among the available models. These include the UN40D5000RH, UN40D6000SH, UN46D6000SR, UN46D6000UF, UN40EH5000F, UN40EH6000F, and UN40EH6500AF. This air conditioner can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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