Samsung TV un65h7100 Review

un65h7100 reviews

Samsung has been known as creating some of the most revolutionary and high quality TVs on the market for a long time. There is a certain amount of quality that is hard to match for any other brand in the industry. Yet, what about some of the latest releases that have hit the market including the Samsung TV un65h7100? This model has hit the market recently and has been creating waves in the market for its overall excellence. Let’s take a deeper look at what this TV has to offer and what its pros and cons are. Does it live up to the hype that is being marketed on its behalf?


Fantastic Micro Dimming

The first pro that has to be mentioned would be the ‘micro dimming’ feature. This makes it easier to enjoy the quality of the picture in terms of contrast and brightness. The colors are more vivid and the blacks are truly black.

Smart TV Galore

The interface for the ‘Smart TV’ functionality is excellent and something that is worth mentioning. The interface is nice and clean along with being able to process information fluently. Along with the interface being excellent, the ‘SmartTouch’ remote is another added bonus that syncs well with the TV.

Supreme Quality

What is the most important thing for people who are on the market for a new TV? It all comes down to the quality that is being brought to the table and this TV is fantastic. The quality is beyond anything that is on the market because of the Samsung design that has become a staple of their TVs. Along with the micro dimming that has been mentioned above, it is packed with quality that is hard to match.

Seeing this TV in action is a must before making a decision. It is easy to notice the quality that is on offer immediately.

Audio Quality Is Average

The audio quality is one place where Samsung might have underdone themselves. However, most TVs that are being sold in this price range do not have audio quality that is worth boasting about. The best solution is to go with a soundbar or to just stick with what the TV is offering. It is not bad at all, but for those who are expecting a sound system type option, this is not it.

Concluding Opinion

Yes, the Samsung TV un65h7100 is a high quality TV that is impressive because of its build quality. It has excellent clarity and will ensure that you are more than satisfied with the quality that is on offer. There are many TVs that might have the brand power (even including some of the Samsung models), but that does not mean they are all good or worth purchasing. This is not one of those types of options, it is a big time winner that is going to earn praise for a long time to come. It is powerful and it is a downright fantastic TV. A must buy.

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The Future is Multi-Functional Technology

Multi-functionality is certainly amongst the main sectors of technical advancement in recent times. Most people have observed lots of gadgets carry out an increasing number of functions as companies strive to compete in the profitable electronics market place. Televisions can connect to the Internet; even cars can connect with a remote server for GPS navigation help. Notebook computers now come integrated with mics and cameras. Portable game systems now possess wi-fi connectivity in order to download more content and compete with players from around the world. Products with several functions are certainly the way the industry is developing.

The prime example of this is the humble cell phone. They were once giant, necessitating users to haul it around with a strap over their shoulders. Eventually as technology continued to develop and technology costs decreased, the size was lowered and phone designers were able to add new features. In the beginning they were elements that are expected now. Colored screens, music players, cameras. It was once that customers could only send one SMS at a time and were only allowed to use 160 characters. Nevertheless, you can now easily post lengthier messages in the form of a chain of more than a single message (although it doesn’t count as only one message by suppliers – whenever you go over 160 characters you will then be billed for 2 messages etc.).

Nowadays, cellular phones are lean, mean, multi-functional machines. People can receive e-mails, catch audio and video, play games on them, create blog content with them and much more. It is challenging to think about a task that a mobile phone can’t do! They even have substantial memory sizes and some are capable of having a memory card. Plenty of customers like the efficiency and straightforwardness of using one product when compared to many. And because mobile phones are small and compact, they tend to be the best size for the various applications they have come to include.

It is without a doubt easy to understand just how technology convergence is going to continue on to be the driver of technology innovations. Several products in and outside the household are nowadays extremely smart and also showcase remarkably developed engineering, frequently allowing them to communicate with many other products in the home or on the net. People are now able to tweet with the kettle and listen to songs with the fridge. It is only a matter of time before many more technologies are incorporated into one.

This brings up the problem of where is technology able to go to? First of all, the ever-increasing level of popularity of tablet computers definitely will have a considerable factor in the advancement of technologies. Taking out the requirement of conventional hardware means that many more products will be capable of facilitating cutting edge technologies. Thus, if a product offers a level exterior then you will subsequently be able to interact with it. The futuristic designs found in many 1980s sci-fi movies are presently coming to fruition. Luckily the style predictions were not correct.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely feasible that web based technology will also carry on converging. We have observed a growth in multi-featured computer software and Internet sites. Customers no longer necessarily must download different software programs for diverse functions, many programs can intelligently operate effectively together. Likewise, online websites also offer a variety of features. People can be part of websites that will totally manage your Internet life for you: allowing you to import all your bookmarks, saving them enabling you to gain access to them from anywhere. Manage your passwords online with a single protected, safe password safe and then conveniently log into websites no matter where you are.

Electronics corporations will undoubtedly converge quite a few online and offline technologies so regardless of which gadget you use and where you are, you will be able to gain access to all of your files at any particular time. Bookmarks, account details, music, video clips, e-mails, work documents and so forth. Along with the web and Internet sites.