UN75F6400AF Review

When it comes to smart televisions, there are many different models available. The UN75F6400AF is one of those models. It features a dual core processor, which makes it more capable of web browsing, multitasking, and more. Its dual core processor allows you to switch from one task to another much faster.


The PN60F8500AF has a one-inch brushed pewter bezel and a sweep design, which adds style to its otherwise minimalist appearance. The unit is equipped with two connection panels, one positioned vertically and the other horizontally. The connection panel features two HDMI ports, one for your cable or satellite set-top box and the other for an ARC-compatible digital audio system.

The Smart Hub is another notable feature, offering several ways to control the TV. It has a touch pad remote, gesture controls, and voice recognition. In addition, there is also a tiny joystick controller on the back of the unit. While this remote is the most convenient, it may be a bit cumbersome at times.

The F8500 offers great color accuracy and deep black levels, with low measured error levels. It does, however, suffer from a flaw: a spike in blue in grayscale. Although the camera is capable of adjusting for it, we weren’t able to completely tame it. The effect is most visible in cooler skin tones.

The F8500 is one of Samsung’s most impressive TVs, exhibiting impressive picture quality and smart features. The F8500 features a quad-core smart hub and Smart Touch Remote, giving users a unique and impressive interface. It is also class-leading in terms of bright-room image quality and shadow detail. It also boasts excellent off-angle characteristics. Besides the excellent picture quality, the PNF8500 series offers many other great features, including a touch-pad remote and four pairs of 3D glasses. In addition to these, the PNF8500 features motion and voice command. It also comes with a stylish design.


When a 75-inch television is viewed from the front, the picture quality is very good. The screen offers lots of light flow-through, which helps create a nice contrast between light and dark objects. The picture is also very natural-looking, with no noticeable oversaturation. In addition, the 120Hz panel helps smooth out fast action, including side-to-side panning, for increased clarity. Despite the relatively large screen, a 75-inch television has a tendency to show imperfections, especially in sports programming and movies.

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