Very best Rooms inside the Home For an Below Cabinet TV

We all know that spending hours in the kitchen can be a dull experience. One great option is to have a TV in the kitchen but they can take up valuable counter space. To solve this problem you can get TVs that are designed to fit underneath a cabinet or counter. They are smaller than a conventional TV and are designed to hang down on the underside of the counter. This way you get your TV and you also get to keep your precious cooking area. They are also a great way to keep a TV out of harms way in the rumpus room when the kids are playing.

Before you rush out and buy an under counter TV you need to explore your options and decide on what you might need and want. There are models that include radios which can be a handy option if there is nothing on the box. Other models come with a DVD player which can be great for kids rumpus rooms or the bedroom. Some other functions you might find useful are a count down timer for perfectly cooked meals.

The physical size and screen size are a bigger factor than normal as these TVs tend to need to fit into a more confined space. You also want to make sure you have a mains power socket to plug it into without having to run cables all over your kitchen counter. Check the viewing angles of the TV as well as there are some cheaper units with terrible viewing angles. If you’re happy with a cheaper unit be sure you are able to swivel it so you get get the best picture quality. A magnetic remote is also an appealing feature. You’ll never have to go hunting for the remote as it will always be on the fridge for safe and secure storage.

A perfect time to shop for under the cabinet TVs is when you are remodeling the kitchen. You need to be certain of your chosen location of the TV though. Because of the way they need to be installed these TVs can be very difficult to move to another position. For some installations you may need to relocate a power and antenna socket and also lay some more cable through the walls. If you need to get an electrician in to do this then it could end up costing more than the TV itself. You will of course want to keep your TV in an easily viewable position from where you are going to be spending most of your time.

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New LCD screens have made under the cabinet TVs more practical than ever due to their larger viewing angles. Extra features such as timers and alarms can make them useful for more than watching TV as well. With a TV and DVD combo you will be able to follow the instructions on your favorite cooking DVD while you are in the kitchen. For more information on the latest models check out the author’s website at under cabinet tv.