VIZIO D43-D1, 43-Inch 1080p, Smart LED TV – 2016 Model – Review

Vizio has over the years continued to provide quality TVs at a lower price when compared to other brands. Vizio is an electronics company known to produce affordable flat screen televisions. It has a range of different models, and you can be sure to find one that you love. One of the best series of TV produced is the D series. With great features with such pricing, you will be getting your money worth. The VIZIO D43-D1 43-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV has continued to be one of the best of the series.

One thing that has made this TV a favorite for many people is the fact that it performs well from movies in the dark to video games. People who have used in as monitor for their PC have said they loved the quality of the picture. It has a low input lag and motion blur that makes it a great deal for playing video games. This TV has a modern design than the previous models. Setting it up is very easy.


VIZIO Internet Apps Plus

This is one of the most attractive features of this model. You can instantly enjoy latest movies, TV shows, audio and many other premium apps from the internet straight to your TV. There are some apps that come installed with your TV, but you have the chance to add other apps you may be interested in. With a good internet connection, you will be able to fully enjoy the full benefits of a smart TV.

Full-Array LED Backlight

This distributes LEDs behind the entire screen delivering a superior light uniformity. This greatly improves the picture quality and makes it retain the quality even when there is sunlight in the room. It also has Active LED zones that adjust dynamically the backlight per zone creating deeper, more pure black and high levels of contrast.

Built-in Wi-Fi

It has built-in Wi-Fi that will enable you to use the smart features of your TV. You will get a clutter-free access to the Vizio internet Apps Plus.

120Hz refresh rate

The refresh rate is the rate at which the TV changes the images. This determines the quality of the picture. Many people put too much focus on pixels but forget to look at the refresh rate. With this refresh rate, you will be able to get a powerful image processing that will deliver a sharp detail when you are watching fast action scenes or a game.


The TV has three HDMI ports that will ensure you have a place to connect with other devices such as a Bluray players, gaming consoles, and satellite receivers. It also has a USB media port that will make it easy to load content directly from your external drives and other devices.

This TV is not perfect, but with that price range, you are getting a good TV. When compared to TVs from other brands with similar features, this is way cheaper. They also have great customer service to help you with any problem you may encounter with your TV.

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