What to Look for in a UN43MU6300FXZA Review

If you’re considering a new television, you may be wondering what to look for in a UN43MU6300FXZA review. This unit comes with a variety of features, including a Samsung Smart Hub with streaming services, a web browser, and an Ethernet port. We’ll take a look at all of these features and more to see if this TV is right for you.

MU6300 has a narrow color gamut

Although the MU6300 displays good response time, its color gamut is notably narrow. Like the 2016 KU6300, the MU6300 uses PWM at 120 Hz to dim the backlight. This results in duplicated trails following moving objects in 60Hz content. The MU6300 does not have a flickering backlight, however.

Both the MU6300 and MU6500 are good for fast-moving images. With Motion Rate 120 technology, the pixels of the MU6300 react very quickly, resulting in smooth image quality and nearly no motion blur. However, if you’re planning on watching 24p movies, these two screens won’t cut it.

The Samsung MU6500 and MU6300 both feature the same UHD Upscaling engine, which allows them to upscale lower resolution videos to close to 4K. Since most available content is lower resolution than 4K, the MU6300 will be able to display sharp images in 1080p and 720p videos.

While the MU6300 has a relatively narrow color gamut, it still displays a good range of colors, and arguably isn’t as limited as the MU6300. However, its color gamut is still limiting – at around 70% – and this can be frustrating for many users. The MU6300’s color gamut is limited compared to many high-end displays, and it’s important to note that a narrow color gamut doesn’t mean poor color reproduction.

The MU6300 is very similar to the MU6290 in terms of performance. The main difference between the two is that the MU6300 supports Bluetooth out of the box. The MU6290 does not support Bluetooth out of the box, but you can enable it through the service menu.

It has a quad-core processor

A quad-core processor is a great way to boost the speed of browsing the internet and operating Smart TV functions. Prior to the introduction of quad-core processors, processing speed on Smart TVs was generally slow. A quad-core processor is also important for the performance of Smart TV’s display. The UN43MU6300FXZA’s screen is a beautiful example of modern design, with a half-inch frame border and charcoal matte frame. It is also quite thin for wall mounting, measuring just 2.2 inches deep. It is also quite slim for the 55-inch model, with a sleek, straight appearance and a tapering back. This gives it a unique and modern look.

It has a OneRemote

This is one of the newer models from Samsung and is a great option for a budget-conscious consumer. It is part of the MU6300 series, which presents entry-level 4K HDR LED TVs. In addition to being compatible with OneRemote, this model is compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

The Samsung One remote is very similar to a regular TV remote. This universal remote control is designed for use with any model of 2017-2020 TVs. It uses a bluetooth connection to control the TV and is paired with the TV to function properly.

It has a poor viewing angle

One of the problems with this Samsung television is its poor viewing angle. The angle is so narrow that it is not even good for a single person to watch the television. This makes this TV difficult to use, especially for those with sensitive vision. You can also experience issues with the screen judder, contrast, and viewing angles.

It has a poor black uniformity

The Samsung UN43MU6300FXZA has an average overall gray uniformity. This is partly because it has a backlight that can bleed from the screen. However, the local dimming function helps improve black uniformity and reduce blooming around test crosses. This feature varies from model to model.

It has a good response time

The UN43MU6300FXZA has an impressively fast response time. Although it lacks a pixel response time, it is still a good choice for home cinema and gaming. It has an average color gamut, and has good black levels. However, it struggles to remove judder from movies played at 24p. In addition, the MU6300 cannot adjust the refresh rate to display 24p sources with the right cadence. Regardless, the MU6300 has a low input lag, at just 20 ms in game mode, and a little more in PC mode.

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