What’s New on the LG TV?

You can find the model number of your LG TV by accessing the back of the television. There, you will see a printed square that contains information, including the model number at the top. The serial number can also be found on the screen or on a label behind the television. If you are unable to find the model number, the LG support representative will help you find the information you need. In addition to this, the model number is often printed on the television itself.

WebOS 4.0 features voice-controlled search capabilities that resemble Siri on Apple TV. For example, you can type in an actor or a movie title to search for an actor, and the TV will retrieve relevant information. It can also find pictures on your cloud service of choice based on keywords. You can also use ThinQ to communicate with other smart home devices like lights and your Amazon Alexa, or watch videos from your favorite sites. The remote is sculpted and comfortable to hold.

The next generation of AI technology powers the television. Most models feature a fifth-generation AI processor, with the most expensive TVs housing the Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI Processor. Even cheaper models use Alpha 7 or Alpha 5 iterations. In addition to this, AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro have been upgraded to fifth-generation versions. The latest version of AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro enhances the picture quality and improves the audio experience.

With so many apps available, the LG Smart TV offers plenty of entertainment options. Spotify, for instance, is the top-rated music service available on the LG Content Store. Pandora is also available, as is Sirius XM. Both music services require a subscription. LG also offers a live streaming service via the Internet. If you need live radio, you can subscribe to Sirius XM. The content library is vast. In addition to being updated regularly, the LG Smart TV has an excellent selection of movies and TV shows.

On the home screen of the LG TV, click on the Settings icon. Click on the channel name to open the full-page channel navigation menu. From here, you can select the channels you want to watch by their assigned numbers. If you prefer to watch TV through the antenna, you can also select the OTA option, which will offer you access to all channels without a subscription. If you prefer watching live TV, consider upgrading to LG Channels Plus.

There are also some changes you can expect in the new line-up. The latest generation of webOS (LG’s operating system) has improved performance and features. The new webOS version number, ‘webOS 22’, is the latest version. This version introduces many new features, including the Always Ready mode. This mode, similar to ambient lighting, is available on OLED TVs and the three highest-end QNEDs. In addition to these new features, LG has made improvements to the construction of its flagship OLED sets, with the removal of metal plating. This change in the panel has lowered the overall weight.

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