Which TV Brands Are the Best in 2022?

Having a good television set is a must for all households. But which brands are the best?


Whether you are looking for a new TV or are simply looking for the best TV for the money, LG has a model to suit your budget and taste. It has long been a favorite amongst TV enthusiasts and is a brand that you can trust to provide great televisions with premium features.

LG’s smart TVs are known for their display quality. They include a feature known as Dolby Vision that allows you to select an HDR-enabled movie or show. You can also use the smart remote app to control music and other functions.

LG also manufactures a lot of other products, including kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, audio equipment and vacuums. These products are known for being high-quality and have a great reputation around the world.

LG is also one of the first manufacturers to introduce OLED televisions. The OLED technology in these televisions offers superior picture performance and offers a near-infinite contrast ratio.

LG’s Magic Motion Remote was also redesigned to support voice commands. This remote can control music and other functions with the help of Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. It also has a cool new feature known as Filmmaker Mode. It automatically adjusts processor settings to ensure smoother on-screen action.

LG also has an amazing feature called TruMotion Technology that reduces blur and smooths fast action movie sequences. It also has a dedicated gaming mode for console gamers.

LG also boasts a host of other smart features, such as a smart remote app that can help you browse from your smartphone. It also has a feature known as Filmmaker Mode that respects the director’s vision and automatically adjusts processor settings to ensure smoother film playback.


Amongst the large and crowded TV market, Sony stands out as one of the few companies to offer OLED televisions. They also have some of the best TVs on the market.

Sony’s Bravia TV has stunning color accuracy. In addition, it is able to produce deep blacks and impressive contrast. It also has a very fast response time, making it perfect for gaming.

The A80J is a top of the line model from Sony, boasting a 120Hz refresh rate and impressive picture quality. It also has a number of sound modes, including Dolby Atmos Audio and native 3D surround upscaling. In addition, the A80J boasts a great number of HDMI 2.1 ports.

The A80K, on the other hand, is a mid-range model from Sony, boasting a wide color gamut panel and rich, fully saturated colors. It also offers the same low input lag as traditional OLED TVs.

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The QLED TV is another great product from Samsung, combining OLED black levels with QD technology. It offers high peak brightness, a huge color volume, and a wide range of streaming services. It can also function as a control hub for compatible smart home devices. It is compatible with SmartThings-connected devices, so you can control it from your phone.

The Samsung QLED TV also has the distinction of being the first TV to feature Samsung TV Plus IP-delivered channel service. This allows you to watch TV channels and other content via IP-based streaming services. The TV also supports Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform, which allows you to easily control it from your smartphone.


Whether you’re looking for a budget TV or a high-end model, Vizio has an option for you. They are one of the most trusted brands in televisions, and they offer excellent picture quality and a wide range of smart features. They also come in many different sizes to suit your needs.

Vizio has a reputation for making high-quality televisions at a budget price, and their latest models come in a range of price points. They feature a range of smart features, including a proprietary WatchFree app, which gives you access to over 150 live channels. They also have a range of models for gaming, sports fans, and movie lovers. These models are also compatible with popular services such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit.

For those who want to take their TV to the next level, Vizio offers models with 4K UHD resolution, Dolby Vision, and AMD FreeSync VRR. These models also include the latest Wi-Fi standards, like Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E for more stable connectivity.

Vizio’s P-Series is the most premium of their TVs. They have a QLED panel, wide viewing angles, and anti-glare screens. They also offer HDMI 2.1 support. They are also compatible with Chromecast, which allows you to mirror your smartphone screen on your TV.

For those who are on a budget, Vizio offers models that are under $300 and come in 43-inch sizes. These models do not have the same picture quality as their more expensive sets, but they are great for those who want a TV that can be used in a dorm room or apartment. They also come with a 90-day warranty.


Among TV brands, TCL is one of the top performers, ranking second in global market share for last year. In the third quarter of 2022, the company sold 6.47 million smart TVs and recorded a sales growth of 20.1%, according to Omdia, a South Korean electronic business trade news service.

TCL has a range of TVs available in the US. Several of the company’s TVs use Google TV, and some are equipped with Dolby Atmos support. They are priced well, and are a good choice for budget consumers.

The TCL 6-Series has been one of the best-valued TVs for several years. It offers excellent brightness, good black levels, and great colors. It’s also a great choice for gamers. It comes with cable management and has two height levels.

TCL also has a range of budget-friendly models. Some have voice controls that let you launch certain apps, though they don’t control settings like volume and brightness.

TCL’s 6 series also has a QLED panel, which produces rich colors. It also has a Dolby Vision IQ feature that optimizes HDR brightness for viewing conditions.

TCL’s 6 series also features an auto low-latency mode and is a good choice for gaming. It also offers a dedicated Dolby Access channel. In addition, the TV has a built-in mic for audio.

The TCL 6 Series has a center-positioned stand and slim bezels. Its screen isn’t as bright as an OLED, but it still offers a rich and vibrant image. Its ambient light sensor also helps it to offer Dolby Vision IQ. It also has a fantastic native contrast ratio, and its reflection handling is pretty good.


Previously the top dog in the plasma TV space, Panasonic has hopped back on the OLED train. Their new micro-LED television line boasts some impressive brightness levels and very accurate dimming.

The first thing you should do before buying a new TV is figure out what your budget is. In that respect, Panasonic’s JZ2000 may be the way to go if you’re looking for a TV under a grand.

The company also boasts some pretty solid UHD OLED models. For example, the Bravia XR A80J is a 4K OLED television with an attactive ATSC 3.0 tuner and a built-in Google TV streaming service. The A80J’s OLED isn’t quite as bright as some other OLED models, but it’s still an impressive display. The company also makes some of the best televisions for small rooms, thanks to their Bixby voice control system.

While Panasonic is not currently selling a television in the US, its latest products are available in Europe. If you’re in the market for a new TV, check out the Panasonic’s website to see what’s on offer. Whether you’re looking for an OLED or a plasma TV, the Panasonic line has something to suit your budget and needs.

The company’s offerings are the best of the breed. The aforementioned JZ2000 is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable OLED TV with a swanky design and excellent image quality. There’s also the ole Samsung and LG to choose from, with the latter offering a full line of micro-LED televisions and the former boasting a hefty line of UHD plasma and LED televisions.


During the last half of the 20th century, Magnavox was a respected name in the electronics industry. Its innovations included automatic tint and color control systems, high fidelity audio and universal remote controls. Magnavox is still a subsidiary of Philips. However, it’s now a brand licensed to Funai Electric.

Funai makes TVs under several brand-licensing agreements, including Philips, Sharp and Emerson. They also manufacture sets under the Sanyo and Sylvania names. Funai also has a major OEM supply relationship with computer companies.

Magnavox is one of the most popular brands sold through the Roku TV platform. It’s expected that a number of HD Magnavox Roku TV models will be available in the U.S. this spring. They’re expected to offer an easy-to-use user interface and access to thousands of streaming app options. They’re expected to include voice-controlled program search and a live HDTV antenna. The company also plans to add compatibility with Google Assistant smart speakers.

Magnavox TVs can sometimes have trouble turning on. It’s important to make sure that they’re fully plugged in and that the wiring is stable. In addition, you may need to switch to a different outlet. If your Magnavox TV screen does not come on, it’s likely that the wiring is loose or has fallen off.

Magnavox TVs also have some problems with upscaling. They’re not as bright as a true HD or 4k set, so they can’t handle the latest content. They also don’t get enough light to fight glare.

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